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Hey, fellas! This is Jacob here and I’ll be designing free graphics for you. What a classic introduction.
–Services available for covers, banners and aesthetics.
–No thread hopping.
–Book must be published.
–Revisions for Premades limited to one time and non-premade graphics twice.
–If not claimed in 36 hours, graphics will be turned to premade.
–Don’t back out. It’s plain rude.
–Be patient and co-operative.
–Use graphics for at least two weeks.
–Credit is mandatory.
–I seriously don’t eat baby pandas for breakfast, so feel free to ask questions.

–Payment is a permanent follow on @The_Pretence and a genuine feedback on my book Masquerade. Just a chapter would do. Do tell me if that’s too much to ask.
Payment has to be completed AFTER I accept your request and BEFORE delivery of the final graphic.
–Please make it a point to check my portfolio before requesting a service to see what I can design. Of course, my skills are not limited to that, but I particularly suck at face-claims, so please be a little understanding.

Portfolio, huh?

Okay, that’s very tiny. Here are the links to everything, as marked.

The new look to the thread also comes along with a number of new rules, which are nothing, but still, read it all once.The new forms are actually Google Forms, so you might have to login to your Google account to make sure that the images and links you share there stays between you and me. Still, if that’s a problem, like you can’t take that effort, here’s another link for you guys. Seriously, how lazy?!

The layout of the thread has been updated on the 28th of October, 2019. New rules are applicable to all.

This space will be used for any kind of announcement and stuff. COLOSSAL was earlier known as CREATIVE STUDIO. Please feel free to post any query or issues, if you’re facing any.

||Link to the profile for payment and crediting||

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Name: battle
Title: the title of the book is ‘THIRTEEN PEARLS’
Subtitle: The subtitle is going to be my name so - ‘VAISHNAVEE’ is the subtitle.
Tiny-tot, baby-shark-sized summary: The thirteen pearls are the princesses of the dark and the good. But only few were left and they are going to stop demon attacks.
Theme/Mood: Dark, Danger, Blood shed. Use blood shed way too less if u r gonna use.
Inspiration: image
Ideas: It should be dark and manip. Can u try to make it quite heavy with the fantasy? like in the inspiration pic? And make it attractive with fantasy. And maybe make it a bit darker and lighter… if u know what I mean…
Any other stuff that you need to get out: nothing else important.
All I want to say is, Thank you so much! : )

Thanks for requesting! I’d like to try your idea, but I’m a little confused. ‘Name’ is supposed to be your name, so I’ll fix that. What do you mean by ‘Battle’? Is it the name of the series? Or something like that?
Either way, I’ll start working on your cover right away, so please try to clear this confusion at your earliest.

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oh name is VAISHNAVEE

just ignore the word battle…
it actually has battles… battle between hell and heaven…
if u can use the information for cover design then use it…

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Hey there! I’ve completed the design for your cover. Please complete the payment at your earliest so that I can post your completed design.
Thanks, Jacob.

I really would like to commission a digital artist that specializes in creating original work especially realistic human character images and detailed backgrounds. Are you able to do that?

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Hey, Laurie! I’m sorry, but drawing isn’t exactly my area of expertise, nor do I have a drawing tablet, for that reason. But if you look around in Multimedia Design thread, you can definitely find a number of Digital Artists, amazing ones. Sorry to be such a disappointment.


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Omg thank it’s amazing

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hi please send the link for the main one, payment complete!

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aw but it’s so nyc! thx

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Thank you for the reply. You’re honestly the only one has actually replied with anything constructive. Any time I have sent an inquiry, they have been ignored. Then, I posted my own request in the story services thread for creative help (to get covers done and graphics) and was told it wasn’t allowed, but admin never flagged my comment as not allowed. Do you have recommendations or am I not allowed to ask that either?

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I’m sorry that you’ve to face this kind of irresponsible and unwelcoming behaviour. And apparently, Story Services thread is mostly for offering services, so that’s why you might have been refused to post there. Anyway, they should’ve clarified.

Of course, you’re most welcome to ask. May I know what kind of graphics you want? You earlier mentioned Digital painting/covers, and I personally don’t think that a lot many people on Wattpad make digital covers. But I can help you if you simply want some character design or something of the sort. If you simply want covers, not the painted ones, you can either request right here, or I can suggest you a lot, other cover creators.

I was never refused to post there. It was just an odd set of messages I received. Anyway, no worries. I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I didn’t need a cover. I really wanted a character design and specific background depicting a scene I am describing. An illustration of both main characters in a particular background that illustrates the scene I am describing. I will keep searching, I am not in a rush, but probably won’t look for one in the community. Thanks for your help.

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Name: Luli Xú

Title: Wrath of the Erinyes

Tiny-tot, baby-shark-sized summary: They’ve manipulated, they’ve stolen, and they’ve killed. Now they’ve incurred the wrath of the Erinyes.
No murderer is safe so long as they are watching.
(Short Story Compilation - Horror / Mythology)

Theme/Mood (Dark, cheerful, mysterious, et al.): Dark

Inspiration (A reference cover or movie poster or something along the lines):


Ideas (Despite your reference, what do you wanna see on the cover): I would love to see something string related on the cover since the Furies play a part in the fates of these characters.
Something like a bloody dagger would also work just fine.

Any other stuff that you need to get out: I’m pretty open to whatever you’re able to create, so if you have any follow-up questions about what I’ve provided, please let me know. Thank you for considering my request!

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I’m so sorry that I couldn’t help you any further. hope you find what you’re looking for…and do let me know if you need any further assistance. Have a good day ahead.

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