Columbine Stories



Has anyone else noticed that ALL the good/well written Columbine stories/accounts are being deleted?


You mean school shooters? Keep in mind using real shooters or glorifying is banned so might reason it’s deleted.

If not then let owner (and ONLY them) send ticket so they can discuss with WP


Wait, there are enough people who write fiction about the Colombine tragedy that it has its own term? There are entire accounts just for Colombine fiction?


I thought this trend was over?


People write anything. Is it over? Not sure but hopefully it is. I’m ok with any ships of fanfic whether I don’t like or like but not this. Pressing the big red :red_circle: (Pretend that’s a button)


What exactly is Columbine?

Nevermind. Googled it. Very messed up stuff


Really messed up but figures US is still not changing gun control. :expressionless:

Also really sad for every students’ death :frowning:


This might just be me…but i feel like if you weren’t there (students, teachers, police, medics) or if it didn’t effect you directly (parents/family, friends or neighbors) you shouldn’t be writing about it. But again that’s just me. I feel like it would be trying to squeeze a penny out of a tradgy that isn’t yours.


but regardless of the topic, does mo one have an issue with the censorship? I mean if it’s written well, is is alright just to delete it because you dont like what it’s written about?


Glorification of certain topics is banned on here. Fanfics about how sexy and cool school shooters are probably fall into the “banned” category.


i also feel like… if you want to write a story about how school shootings affect young people, why not make it a fictional setting? why write about a specific real event that devastated so many, unless you’re writing non-fiction?


Agreed. Not enough time has passed. As someone who’s been through a real school shooting (which luckily the sole victim survived), I’m squicked out by many school shooting stories that ARE entirely fictional, since they so often overly sympathize with the shooter. If I were in the Columbine students’ shoes, I imagine it would be so much worse to have people who weren’t there try to romanticize a real person who really did kill people I knew.

I haven’t seen the fics in question so I don’t know if they try to romanticize it or not (if so, it’s clearly against Wattpad rules - so, no, I have no issue with the censorship because people signed up for Wattpad knowing we’re not supposed to romanticize crime) but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case, and regardless I feel like you’re treading on dangerous territory by writing about something like that.


It’s not about censorship or someone doesn’t like it as it’s not up to them that makes stories deleted. It’s about users meeting WP guidelines that results it.

If a book uses the real school shooter as character or known school shooting events (which google helps to know) in story it is NOT allowed ever. (I forgot to mention that in my first post)

If a story glorified/arousal purpose with school shooter it is NOT allowed ever.

Users impersonating school shooter or use images of the real school shooter are NOT allowed either.


If the user wrote a event story that’s triggering, violent, just really descriptive/explicit (whether fiction or real) and not glorifying it’s mature.


A mention of school shooter but the story is fictional setting or user write mentions of recovery story that isn’t too descriptive is ok to be everyone.

Again, if the writer thinks it’s a mistake then they (and only they) can send ticket to discuss with HQ