Come Across a "WattPad Premium Access" Spam Profile? Post Here!


Hi, all! :hibiscus:

There seems to be a bout of spam profiles going around at the moment. If you come across any of them, or if they PM you, do not respond, and do not open any links they send.

Instead, report the profile, or post the username here, and an Ambassador will pass it along to Wattpad HQ.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have! :xkaydotx:

An example of what the current bout of spam profiles may look like:


Can anyone pls tell me if this is authentic or am I being scam?
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Can anyone pls tell me if this is authentic or am I being scam?


There’s a link to porn in their bio.


Thanks for posting this!




Oh god :woman_facepalming: That never dies. Yes, that’s an old spam I know


I just came across one, this profile followed me-


That was very fast, thank you :slight_smile:


Got this one following me.

Ask the Ambassadors Anything

not a spam account but they have a sex thing in there profile


This has happened to me twice now. The bios are always in Russian, it’s really strange.


and when you translate it to english its still in some weird language


I have to translate one word at a time (google won’t recognize it if you do the whole sentence at once since the russian alphabet is different), but almost always it’s just comes out a jumble of definitely sexual words and an encouragement to use their hookup/porn site (curiously, a different link every time).


Oh, speaking of: I was coming here to link a premium bot that followed me but I checked and it’s already been taken care of. But I do have this russian spam profile that followed me as well. I reported it a couple days ago but nothing’s happened (I didn’t even get an email):


i found him too he followed me the sites way worse then the other one god



They have an “adult” site link


This could be another one.


Check ticket record after report.

But all users gone. Nice to find these devils


That bio reminds me of this:


This one, too.