Come Across a "WattPad Premium Access" Spam Profile? Post Here!


I’ve received two mails so far from “Administrator_Tdcwb” and “Administrator_SjWME”


2 mails for : Administrator_PZTJG and Premium-I9OeTJd




Got an email saying a got a tag from a user named Administrator_01p97
message said I won WattPad Premium Access. I would post a screenshot, but I can’t post images yet.


Administrator_yaR9F left the following comment on Administrator_yaR9F 's profile. Join the conversation.

You have won WattPad™ Premium Access


Got two of these emails. I think it would’ve seemed less shady if I’d only gotten one.


I’ve had several sending me messages. After the first one, I figured out they were just spammers.

Here’s some of the names:




Premium_NkHMbIF (or lF)

And I think another one was MimiHarris17.


Hey everyone.
I just received a message from Administrator_BfF2 claiming that I won the Wattpad Premium Access.


I think it’s a spam profile.


I got this type of emails 4 times :roll_eyes::rage:


I’ve seen two similar profiles that have the same setup (basically) that you describe here: @SadNess1706 and @Opticmaxx. They have a lot of strange, unintelligible words in their description and a link to a website with the word sex in it. It’s really suspicious.


Hey there :slight_smile:
This user’s profile bio in Russian has a link to a porn website-
sекsарilnуе кrаsаviсу zhеlауushhiе lуubvi lаsкi zhdut tеbуа tut —

@xkaydotx Had reported the profile and the link is invalid.


Thanks! I edited your comment to take the link out as clicking on it, even if it appears invalid, could be dangerous and/or lead to mature content (:


So glad I decided to look this up and found this thread, recentöy got two emails about “winning premium access”. Good thing this isn’t my first rodeo and this gave of a foul smell instantly.

The messages came from Administrator_imYuU and Administrator_8nIdS. Neither of them sounds like admins to me.


This idiot has bombarded my work with links to a movie.


Two emails were sent to me.

Administrator_bZqTa and Administrator_fxVXa


are you sure you wanna share your personal email in the comments? I’d advise you edit the comment and remove the mail (last paragraph). idk with email but I heard with phone numbers that if you post them online you’re more likely to receive spam & scam phone calls. Best of luck


those Russian accounts with porn links or w/e

what I don’t understand is how most of these accounts were made all the way back in 2013-2015 but only now began being active?


Jan had email hacks which means they must have gotten weak passwords so this is good reminder and warning to always change (about 6 months should do) and never share password with anyone


so are you saying these were all legitimate wp users who got hacked? And what happens to these accounts? They get deleted while the original owner never recovers them?