Come Across a "WattPad Premium Access" Spam Profile? Post Here!


That maybe, yes. I did reported normal users who got hacked to HQ and sadly since the accounts had been compromised the account had to be closed.

Not sure though if these 2015 writers do come back (it is 2019 and so far the originals seem to abandon or maybe forgot WP?) but they could try to send a ticket and tell HQ.


oh. damn.

I don’t understand how you’d go on about doing that if you can’t access your account? Open a new one? The biggest loss is the books (esp if you don’t have the latest version saved on word) and the views & votes.

this is so scary tbh to think about. To lose everything so suddenly with no way back


but thanks for the info & awareness. I wasn’t aware of this.


I’m not sure as my account never got removed before when I was a Wattpadder but perhaps they can open a new account or go to help center and do the bug ticket :thinking:

And I know.(I blame and hate those spammers and that includes those who call at my house) :frowning: Another good tip is always have backup too. For any cases. Sure, it won’t recover reads/votes but at least your story/writing is still with you.


You can read this article for more info-


I have gotten two of these messages


If there’s link you can post or give a username :slight_smile:


Dunno if they’ve already been mentioned but just found in much email two from


I think I found one of those ancient hacked accounts turned into bots. Not for premium, but shady nonetheless.



I didn’t get anything about WattPad Premium, but two profiles followed me

Admin-Hi7jjav and Admin-JQxCnfT. Are these spam profiles or actual admins?


Spam not admins or anything whatsoever. The two seem to be not found but if you found more drop the name/link


I don’t know if this is a spam profile, but I’m just going to leave this here.


That one is not a spam profile :smile:


Okay, sorry.


No worries :star: when in doubt, it’s always good to double check :hearts:


Yep, that’s right. Thanks. :sweat_smile:


how do you know its a spam?


when the user doesn’t has the orange or teal badge

orange= staff, HQ
teal= Ambassadors like @xkaydotx


To add on, some are more obvious with blank profiles that have a link that leads to virus filled sites, others are more tricky, so it always needs to be checked :smile: if you ever think you’ve come across a spam profile, don’t hesitate to report it! :smile:


Are these spam profiles?