Come Across a "WattPad Premium Access" Spam Profile? Post Here!


Nope. Look legit to me. Checked and confirmed :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m not sure if it’s a spam bot, but I don’t like the look of this account following me.Screenshot_2019-02-22-14-25-12


yes it is a spam account(/hacked account used for this)
Just mute the account.


I’m afraid that the link doesn’t work for me. I can’t see it.


Is this a spam thing? Because this feels like a spam thing.


The account looks legit to me. If you feel uncomfortable replying, you can mute the person.


What @Nablai says; it looks legit to me. If you interact with them and they do spam something inappropriate, feel free to let us know.


Can someone please close it? Thanks =]


Ola :slight_smile:

Bem-vindo ao Wattpad e aos fóruns. Você pode dar uma olhada neste artigo para mais informações-

Você também pode pedir ajuda noPergunte aos Embaixadores Qualquer Coisa.



This profile seems seems fishy to me. I linked the pic. The one below seems odd, too, but it does have a reading list…



Those are hacked accts. I guess by Jan of 2019 email hack they changed only older ones.

I’ve been seeing and reporting to HQ but if you found more you can post here :smiley:


What do you report them as? Spam?
A couple have followed me.


Yes, spam and then check ticket record if ticket sent or need add note and stuff.


How do i check a ticket?


You need web.

  1. Go to ‘Help’

  2. Upper right ‘Sign in’

  3. Click ‘My activity’


Thanks :slight_smile:


Some of these used to be real accounts. D: @mishcas @fatalities @SunainaSan @Loonyoldfan @freshhYa @macymacy1998 @nathaliajuan

#250 @Klayrox @SnipZHD @hokzilla @coolpersson @Mel_Ib @NicolaDiMaio @ahall4431 @mberkea

#251 @mshappypancakes @FLJustice @WAZZUPDUCK @Rowenah @wakkawakka @username_88 @yoshgame @Britney11089 @Mikebailey1230 @Lesliew97 @Deathsngles14 @rosstheboss2701 @LeXas778 @djthedj45 @ChevyPaws @WallJa004 @rohitrmehta @gregoryramosc

#252 @mineshaft2Gameplays @ZamaniZamani @drkfear @TerrickaIrving @royareload @kilbes @alkanz13 @kekekeiro @Jamie34465

Okay, I’m done searching for now. lol.