Come Across a "WattPad Premium Access" Spam Profile? Post Here!


You deserve a huge desserts :joy: Thanks for finding and sorry you had to go through them :eyes:


Oh my gosh! I’ve gotten one of these. It was super suspicious, and I saw it first on my email. I deleted the email and then deleted the message they sent me. They haven’t messaged me again, but I never thought to check the profile…


It’s no problem and a good way to distract myself from writing. lol. I’m so happy to see they’ve been taken care off. And sorry, but here’s some more. XD @Mewalt13 @netka1997 @Red90rose @CWSamuels @goddessnayru88 @Gengyz @fuck-this-bull-shit @aska2711 @Jules785 @ship2901 @violettAponi @Uberboobermanuever @ANUKH96 @Killermeetball1 @mab0702 @HannahBananaz77 @JakeGlory @andersonandaes @alyss947

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I ended up finding more, too @AquaticBookshttps // @htcmobile @JacobTheYT


All of you should be reading/writing! Smh :rofl: Kidding, thank you for finding or them following you…

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This is seriously crazy though. There’s just so many of them. What happens to the original user of the account? Can they eventually get it back or is it gone for good?


Users can send a ticket or make a new account. It’s pretty much abandoned though since they’ve been way inactive but I do feel bad. :frowning:


Oh, wow. There are so many abandoned accounts. :open_mouth: @BurnDownComplex @xharrysangelx @Furansan @greatsbc @sweetp01s0n @satishameta @morganlane42696 @ankrepta @ESWalrus @blbllblblblblbll @trasky9111 @XxbringthesirensxX @Hailey07 @Sabitdengur

#262 @stanleybuford12 @minichhaley @VeryKarri @crazy4x3m @Originale2121


Thank you for your hard work. This many id#### is a trend and has to be dealt with. Is this a ‘Hostile Takeover’ :rofl:


Yeah, it really does seem like a hostile take over. :l @joebillynick @joao2445 @EndlosesJenseits @Sabazi26 @Sack_Survivor @jtipt1 @Sunbyg @guirialli @ZeroCASSETTE @moconnell11

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THis one followed me today. I didn’t follow back.


Another one that’s followed me @mikester374

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Thanks a lot for your hard work in keeping the community safe :slight_smile: Much appreciated =]

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