Come Across a "WattPad Premium Access" Spam Profile? Post Here!


Can’t believe 2019 is the year of hackers. Like it’s the golden pig year! Give us good luck not bad :rofl: (But I was born in Dog)


Sending some luck your way, Angel :four_leaf_clover:


I was born a :goat: or a :lion:. Neither seem to fit though.


Thanks for the Greatness badge, guys. XD Here’s some more ID’s: @Bluezinhaaa @zCrave @orcashshouseclub @gango89 @keabetswe23 @shellbell11111111 @majikman34 @12qw12qw @ShantyAlvarez @politicalpolice @cdducky @riquenique @yurekreo

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You deserve it! :smiley:


I got like six of these things and I was very confused bc I had just entered several contests, then I would click on the notification and the user would have been deleted, so good job to the staff for getting rid of them so quickly!

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#281 => Osterbergs501

He change his pseudo

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#283 @coolbrax2 @bloodpool_gamer @deadtowonderland @Ryouichite


Click the display name to be taken to the profile page!


and another one




What is up with this brand new slew of spam profiles? Just the other month it was the Premium Access ones, now we have the Sexy ones. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


Looks like another hacked account has followed me @marcolandon




Another hacked account-


Here’s four: @Ksenya2003Zdan @timothyhansmann @futureade @davijak3

In addition, now that I’ve seen this thread and understand this phenomena is being best handled through this avenue, I’d be okay with request 4750685 being closed. :slight_smile: