Come Across a "WattPad Premium Access" Spam Profile? Post Here!


I found one: @reyfahdolan



You mean the ticket number? That you can add note in ticket record :stuck_out_tongue:


#297 @silenze @asiulka2415 @NinjaBro7 @Jonhny


(was expecting to find a sunglass wearing person but eh XD)


That is not spam :joy: WP is a site, how dare you lol (I’m kidding)


I can’t get the link! XD


This is the account.


They’re not pretending to be mods or anything but I’m pretty sure these three followers of mine are all spam bots:
Shop Pakistan (@MahiraKhan677)

I’ve reported Shop Pakistan twice but nothing seems to have been done about it. They’re a profile who’s published works but they’re all just ads for penis pumps.



Gotta say I was disappointed to find 7 of my followers were these spam accounts. -_- It is confusing though, some look like legit accounts, but the usernames are spam names.


When you report you should check ticket record first before reporting again :smiley:


They were normal but I think since owners didn’t secure their emails and never returned to WP it’s like an open shot for the porn hackers. And even ambs also got these follows from them too. smh


Normal wattpad account:

Abandoned wattpad account (porn hacker fodder):

. . . something like that? :slight_smile:


Hmm, makes sense. So sad. :frowning:




Yep! :rofl:

I know. That’s why make sure your email is strong and also never share or show to anyone unless you really really trust them to point when you argue the person doesn’t backstab you.


What does smh mean? I see people saying that, but I’m lost…


s(hake) m(y) h(ead) :eyes: Even I was like you then someone or urban dictionary helped me