Come Across a "WattPad Premium Access" Spam Profile? Post Here!


is that persons profile picture club penguin


God only knows, lmao.


Got one just now. Commented on one of my books saying I have access to wattpad premium with a link. What’s up with these?


I think I also received one. but I dont know how to pull out his profile. Here is a picture:


Really?! :open_mouth::open_mouth:
People still do that?!!!


Not a “Premium Access” bot but…something:

Their bio is not recognized by Google Translate and link in their “bio” is to a porn site.

Looks like they have been here since 2017!!!


idk I could be wrong, but to me it sounds more like a dating or mail-order-bride type of websites.

The one in @ihateurnamelol’s says: “you can find me and thousands of other young, pretty (girls?) right here”

I’ve got one follower just like that one today. Oddly the account was created in 2015.


that one definitely eludes to escort/ one night stands


the one following me

goodbye follower count :cry: :joy::rofl:


Translate should recognize it as long as you put in one word at a time and accept the suggestion to change it to the Russian alphabet. It won’t be comprehensible, but they are words at least.


send the pics and I’ll attempt to translate for you or I’ll just read for my own enjoyment :joy::joy:


Man I wish I’d kept screenshots of the ones that got taken down cause I want to know what their sentences meant lmao, they made no sense when I translated them. If people find more it probably would be useful to the mods to have an actual translation of some of them though.

Here’s the pic of the one absentminded_artist is talking about:
jesus that bright yellow background is so stressful


When I used Google Translate this was the translation I got:

“looking for a young girl for love relations of general rest in those cases here”



It was in my email, but wasn’t on my main profile.


Here it is!


Just now



This is really fishy.Definitely a spam account.
idk why these are so common lately :thinking:




Well that’s worse than the gibberish…


image this account commented on my story with a similar ‘so and so has won Wattpad premium, click on this dodgy link to receive it’