Come Across a "WattPad Premium Access" Spam Profile? Post Here!




Admin-9CHm2MA has made a few comments with links to “Wattpad Premium Membership” on my stories.





Since I can’t seem to share the profile link. Here’s a screenshot. Why are they after my profile!?


They’re not after you specifically :smile: it’s super random! :xkaydotx:


Yeah, I know. It just has happened a few times, now I am starting to get annoyed with these spams. :joy:


This is the profile


sighs two more. IMG_20190120_222026 IMG_20190120_222212


i just open my notifications and found one of these but the comment is missing no but thanks i had no idea


Oh no, what the hell is going on here?! I understand randomly being attacked but this is getting ridiculous! I have received at least 12 of the scam emails in my profile in the last 3-4 hours.

On a side note, I thank wattpad for deleting them automatically within minutes of them coming in.


They’ve been popping up on my book’s comment section. This is the most recent one.


I found this in my email but I haven’t been able to find it in my notifications. admin


Can anyone pls tell me if this is authentic or am I being scam?

Hi! These are the accounts that have been bothering you in the last few hours.


Another one that needs to take a running jump.




Here are the links to those offending accounts! Smite them, oh Wattpad!


I actually looked up “Wattpad Premium Access” on Google images, and lo and behold! Porn. :rage:


I got a few of those on my book today but every time I tried to check the comments to block/report/delete, the comment was already gone. My friend had the same experience, which is really sucky esp since I opted out of being emailed when I get comments and such lol


had few of them pop up on my story today, i reported them but i add names here to, am unable to share a image sadly, i really think wattpad should have it where, no one i can make admin names.

names below