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hi how are you?


The world diverged from ours in 1947. The novel is set in 1956 and focuses on agents of a special federal law enforcement agency in the us trying to stem the tide of hate which has popped up after civil rights arrived much earlier due to sweeping court rulings and legislation. At the beginning of the novel, the agency gets the break it’s been waiting for but discovers it may have been too good to be true. The short story on my profile is set in a similar yet different universe


how old are you?


I’m good, just finished another chapter on my new story and have started on the next. How are you?


Ami’s Adventure was a fanfiction/adventure/musical about a Young girl named Ami Mizuno who went with her friends and family to Florida, Along the way, they meet the 2 sultry homme-fetales Named The Rum Tum Tugger and Laito Sakamaki and they have some good times in the beach.


really sounds interesting, what got you interested in writing an alter history story?


still in the same chapter from last night… i got easily distracted…




so you’re writing a fanfiction for a fanfiction… that’s very interesting, what made you do it? write i mean


I wrote the short story for a class last year. Fell I love with the concept and modified and expanded it. The short story focuses on the guy who changes history. He exists in the novel but is a major non POV guy


you’re older than me by one year…


Then I’m older than u by 2 lol


what do you mean a non pov guy?


… now im the youngest in the thread… i feel like a baby lmao


The short story is his point of view. The novel is not


I watched 2 Animes called sailor moon and diabolik lovers, A musical called Cats, A song from The Great Mouse Detective and another anime called Azumanga Daioh.


oh… so whose pov are you writing on the novel… im really really slow




3 different characters, agents of the major crime bureau. The man who changed history is the director of the bureau


Does that give me seniority points lol