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Geez… this forum makes it very confusing to who is talking to who, and answering the person. It’s not like… wait a minute. Did Wattpad do this on purpose by having a new forum to make it more confusing for posters to interact with the person they are answering?

It makes me want to create a Forum that makes it easier for members to interact with each other. And is easier for them to use and reply to the person with no confusion.

But what would I name that Forum?


i see… that’s interesting… i havent watched those anime yet


You should check out Sailor moon, Diabolik lovers and Azumanga Daioh.


interesting concept, what made you differ the pov from the novel to the short story?


yeah and a senior citizen privilege… call me baby and shit like that


sure… mostly sailor moon tho and see why its popular… havent got around to watch it when it aired on tv when i was a kid


What’s the story behind Sailor Moon? I know there’s different “Sailors” named after other planets.


The short story spans several years and follows him as history changes. The novel is already in the firmly established new timeline, and is set over just a few weeks. But there is actually a connection between the two. Wont spoil it yet


Sailor moon was based on a manga in 1991 and was made into a anime in 1992 all the way to 1997.


it’s a magical girl anime… a monster of the week kind of anime with a main villain and girls trying to live their normal lives by day but transforms into sailors or girls with powers by night… im just basing on my assumptions and my experiences with other magical girl shows


If that’s what you’re into, I’ll happily oblige.


im amazed you come up with the idea for an interconnected timeline… how did you do it though? like how did you thought of it? and what made you pushed forward with the said idea instead of writing something else?


i already got people in my life calling me with all sorts of name… baby isn’t new :ok_hand:


Oh my, so baby is pretty vanilla for you then.


as an insult, yeah. not an endearment! that would be very uncomfortable


Partly cause I’m kind of a history buff and I like to think I’m creative lol. The short stories is on my profile if you want some sense of the concept


I stuck with this cause of how original it seemed and like I said, just loved it


It’s an insult to call someone baby? lol. I agree about the endearment though…unless it’s an older grandma type lady. Then it just makes me feel nice.


sure! haha, that’s good to new, that you’re interested in history… i’ll add your stories in my library… what’s your favorite history? or like a moment in history that you find intriguing? when people are more invested with the future, people like you, although small, enjoy reading about the past


embrace your originality! lmao