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Yeah. What do u write?


trust me, it’s an insult but i grew to not give a shit about it… yeah, friends and family are okay using baby but idk about if lovers are part of the exception… i think it depends i guess… some people don’t sound attractive when trying to use baby as some sort of an endearment to their significant others


write now? im currently writing a contemporary story of a girl recalling the times she had been manipulated and abused by an ex boyfriend until it goes back to her present, free from her ex but the physical and emotional abuse still lingers… like stuck in her head…

i mostly write contemporary fiction…


The moment I’m most intrigued in is the weimar republic. That comes into play kind of on future installments when canada becomes a lot like it


I’ll definitely add that. Oddly enough, the course I wrote the short story for is called interpersonal violence (I have a criminology degree) so may be relevant


i literally have no idea what’s that… im sorry… why is canada becoming a lot like weimar republic?


So you mean like cat calling? I’ve never really liked significant others calling each other babe or baby either. Maybe I’m just old fashioned but it makes me cringe whenever I read it.


Weimar republic is the informal name of Germany post ww1 but before Hitler. In contrast to what came next it was a beacon of progressive ideas, forward and free thinking (parliament was on the verge of legalizing homosexuality before the great depression sent the nation into chaos) but also rocked with political and economic instability at the beginning and end. As for canada…


im honored, but im going to apologize in advance for grammar, typo and spelling errors… im mostly skim over my writing when i tried to edit it… and understand you’re gonna drop it or smth like that… an interesting fact to know that you have a degree in criminology… im currently studying a degree in psychology… what’s the course about? violence against other people?


yeah kinda like that… yeah me too i mostly ignore it when characters tells that other people more so when their intent was far from friendly, i cringe myself when i write it too but my character seems fit to say it but i just wanna throw my laptop and regret my life choices or smth… im being overdramatic…


In the novels universe, 2 years after the original novel, canada falls into similar chaos over backlash relating its treatment of its indigenous population. The result is the monarchy being ended and the nation reorganized into a federal republic called the Canadian Confederation of Nations. It also faces economic and political turmoil during its early years


Hey folks, just wanted to chime in that Grammarly is a great editing program that’ll catch all the double words and grammatical errors. No matter how great you are with that stuff, you’ll always make mistakes - and miss them repeatedly during editing, lol


Inequality, mistreatment, think the perfect course for Social justice warriors like me lol


oh, never knew about that… an interesting fact it’s weird for weimar to be so progressive but goes back to being so close minded… lol i sound like i know about the topic… but wish canada the best in their economy and politics


Lmao, nah. What’s life without all the dramatics. I think I get what you mean…your character uses the term as a means to condescend, right?


It recovers by 1970. But it also ends up on the brink of war with the us


thank you for that commercial break… useful than shampoo commercials with their silky smooth hair


I’ll probably post the first few chapters tonight. You’ll get the idea of the universe


that’s a very detail sidestory or a fact occurred in your story…


Hasn’t even happened in the novel yet lol