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Ayyyye, I use it all the time lol. I also use google translate to have my stuff read back to me aloud. If I cringe while listening to it, I know that shit is too corny lol.


it does lol


an endearment and that’s worst :ok_hand: gonna flirt the hell of their significant other


because of what? i know i think i know ww2 ended before that…


We’re all here to help each other out - and as far as shampoo goes, I recommend a good clarifying shampoo! (Note: I’m balding, don’t take my advice on shampoo)


Vienna Do you mind if I sing another song for you?


…Okay I’m lost lol. What do you write?


but is going to be


delete! delete! delete! haha


So canadians start to fear their image as the progressive nation is being eclipsed by the us. This leads to the nations mistreatment of first nations being exposed and hundreds of thousands protest. The government makes massive reparation payments and returns vast swaths of land to avoid an uprising. The payments bankrupt the nation but Britain had promised financial aid. Unfortunately, britian is suddenly put under massive international sanctions due to its ongoing occupation of iran and can no longer pay. The nation descends into chaos. The military take over and a republic is established. The people know bigotry got them to this point so they try to shed the mistakes of the past and this leads to the new progressive society




use a wig instead… cheaper than shampoo a long lasting investment… im sorry…


um sure




contemporary fiction… but i wish to write thriller or suspense crime solving shit revolving around children… i love kids but mysteries around them are scary and sad


Nah, I’m going bald gracefully, I don’t care. I’m in my forties, I waaaaaaay no longer care about that stuff. In internet years, I’m older than Moses :skull_and_crossbones:


idk if this is from the novel or irl… but if it is in irl… idk, did exiting EU worsen britain economy or smth?


the corny and corny shit must be delete… delete! delete! delete!


It’s from the alternate history. Nothing like it irl


That sounds interesting. It is scary and sad, but I think it can be done in a way that’s respectful to the subject matter.
I also love kids, I’m a nanny and going to school to be a teacher.