Come and chat (20+ Adults)



if they’re like me they’re already making their tin foil hats… i made mine with sparkles and glitter


i was forced by my mom to take singing lesson when i was sixth grade… stopped after that and never want to pursue a singing career ever again… i sing but when im alone cause my voice is shit


Lol. Things turn out ok…eventually


Don’t worry, I’ll sing with you.


hopefully… what you got a degree in criminology? im just asking


Yep. But I’m actually training as a pilot right now


don’t im a competitive person i might drown your singing voice with the sounds of the dead rising from their graves


How are you doing?


oh why’s that?


hungry… u?


Please, I’m trying to help you.


Cause I always wanted to be one but also had to be qualified for something else, hence the degree


i appreciate the gesture but i dont want to sing on front of people or sing along with others… i dont want to ruin the mood


I love your singing voice no matter what.


you need a degree to study as a pilot? for a commercial plane?


i’m like a mumble rapper but for singing tho


Please, Trust me, Sing with me for this one time.


what are u going to sing?


Its helpful, but I meant if I was ever injured and couldn’t fly


The Title song for the Phantom of the opera.

You’ll Be Christine while I’ll Be the Phantom