Come and chat (20+ Adults)



same… but its not like people are doing those where im from but i wouldn’t mind trying it out before ditching it in the comforts of my own home… you’re probably subscribed to alot of news channels and newspapers


You want me to take a gander at those chapters? I can do that, sure.

Anyone here looking to publish someday? I can advise on that, too. I’ve been kicking around the writing community for a long time (although I’m new here on Wattpad)


Yeah just gimme 5 minutes and I’ll have like the first 5 up


Yep, no rush, I’m just here at the computer working on my own stuff


Yeah. Good ol toronto star


And first 4 up


I’ll go have a look. You want me to leave a critique in the comments?


All advice totally welcome




Well, I picked over your first chapter - pretty good, man. Good work. I’ll go over the rest tomorrow, I gotta get some work done myself before bed.






Oh at your own pace please! I am so grateful for anyone who would take the time to read my work. Really appreciate the feedback so far


Hey, no sweat, I put it on my reading list. Tossed you a vote, too. It’s not a chore, because it’s not all effed up and full of spelling mistakes, lol. You’re doing a fine job.


i feel like every country has a newspaper with the word star on it


yep, and a times and gazette


chronicles and issue… but its cute though, like no matter how far apart we are in terms of religions, political beliefs, race and sexuality… newspaper companies still use the same titles on their newspapers… a sense of unity… lmao


it’s not the best but oh well…


I’ll Leave the karaoke link for the Title song


thanks dude