Come and chat (20+ Adults)



he can be cringy… trying hard to keep up with the trends and it sucks he has voiced in animated movie that were somewhat meh in my opinion… i prefer conan o’ brien more


Have you seen Johnny Carson?


im sorry no…


Do you want to Check Johnny Carson out?


later to be honest :no_mouth: my night show hosts binge momentum has stopped for now… i might watch him someday later


Okay then.


okay then :ok_hand:


Did you like my soothing singing voice when I tucked you in yesterday?


it’s an experience im not so sure im willing to take after that


Did you like it anyways?


it was fine i guess


Thank you so much.


no problem… okay i gtg somewhere else bye


Have fun.


Lmao dudeee, I was watching bandersnatch and it felt like I was going around in circles,it was cool tho but kind of difficuly


The greasy-haired kid was bugging me with his wooden-faced non-acting, and it was taking too long to get through the damned thing. I was really annoyed when one of the choices was to break the fourth wall and tell the characters that they were on a Netflix special.

The worst thing is now everyone wants to hop on the “choose your own adventure” bandwagon.


Oh my God, I love it :star_struck:


Yoooooo. Hi. :slight_smile:


thank you :ok_hand:


… you can choose either one or both tbh