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How much internet trolls suck


Haha okay pretend I’m a complete idiot (which I am)… What is internet trolls? Is it like actual trolls like made of stones?


Trolls refer to people or bot accounts that function solely for the purpose of causing disruption by insulting, provoking, agitating or poking another user for no particular reason at all.
Unnecessarily calling attention upon themselves is a popular trait observed across all trolls. They urge you to respond to their insults but it is best advised to simply ignore and report them to the authority.


Oh okay, thank you for that information ! :smiley: And I certainly will ignore these trolls and report them to the authority!




Hey :slight_smile:


What’s up?


Just checking out the forums! Seeing what it’s all about! What brings you to the forums?


And what sort of stuff do you write?


Yeah, they’ve changed things around here. I’m in the midst of working on a chapter of my WIP.

I write YA romance. What about you?


They defo have, crazy how much has changed since I was last here!! And ah nice, what’s the WIP about, you happy with how it’s coming along?

And ah cool! Write YA Sci Fi and psychological thrillers! Do a bit of poetry as well! Haven’t really posted many stories yet, just a couple of more adult aimed ones I did for an outside competition! Trying to find what the site is all about before I start any new stories!


I know. It’s so different now!

It’s about a girl who can see/hear what you’re thinking if you touch her. And yeah, I’m happy with it for the most part. I’ve been adding chapters here as I write it.

And ah, two genres I typically don’t read. :joy: but poetry is cool too! All of it is cool really. Are you wanting to post a story? Currently working on anything? How long have you been around the Wattpark park for?


Ah nice, an intriguing premise, bit like that Mel Gibson film except with the roles reversed i.e. the girl can hear the thoughts! Guessing it’s a romance lol?

And aha fair play lol :joy: And yeah, currently working on a story about a young guy, Cambridge uni student, who finds out he was raised by an alien, and that the girl he has a crush on is the daughter of the general hunting that alien! Only have the premise etc written, along with an outline, but thinking of starting writing it on here, see what happens!

And joined at the end of 2017 but stuff came up and stopped using it. Had another account for the poetry I wrote, but have lost the login lol, gutter as had a few hundred followers! :sob:


I think so. And what movie is that? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it. And yep, romance, but I guess you could say it’s a little fantasy too? That’s what I’m going with anyway. :joy:

Sounds interesting. It’s nice to get feedback on here. There are lots of book clubs and awards things too that you can join to get extra opinions on your work.

Gotcha. Yeah, that does suck. I’ve been on for a few years now. Takes a bit for the follower count to grow, unless you are like insta-famous.:slightly_smiling_face:


It’s called What Women Want, a good film, if you like rom coms should give it a watch! And ah nice, always good to have a little fantasy in there. Not too much though, defo not a fan of full on fantasy!

And yeah, that’s what I was thinking! And sounds good, will have to check them out, any advice on which are the best, or you only know the romance ones lol?

And yeah defo does :frowning: Poetry book had over 10k views, so defo a gutter! Since I put it up on here, well the first few chapters of it, has got a grand total of 6 views lol :sob:

And ah nice, maybe drop me a follow, will follow back and can keep up with each other through PM’s, maybe if you write any poetry or whatever can do feedback for each other, as genre wise for stories perhaps we’re not a match lol!


In fact, would have followed you there but can’t seem to work out how to access your actual profile lol, can only seem to access your community profile whatever that is, not your writers… Did not used to be a difference haha, hopefully you know how to access the actual profiles from here lol


Yeah, your actual profile is different from the forums now that it has changed. I think its because theyre techically two different sites.

STOP. 10k on a poetry book? That is awesome. Definitely something to be proud of.