Come Here To Let Us Know How Your Progress Goes

Now, I got an idea here.

This is nothing large, and it is meant as more of an open discussion. Though, give us a small summary of how your current progress is going in the story you’re writing. Doesn’t have to be anything long, and for length sake, keep it to the last chapter you are working on ^^

An example

Currently reconstructing the second book, and this chapter dives into more of the protagonist past, while they find themselves in an internment camp that apparently kidnaps and raises murderers. This is along the way towards a sunken temple, where the protagonist does take in a child.

See? Not long, and to the point. So your turn ^^

Remember, have fun, and have a dicussion.

Rewriting/editing messy drafts is a huge pain aha. I thought it was good to let it all out at once but it is very unpolished and contradictory. Not the process for me, it seems. I’m trying to clean up my story for publishing on Wattpad. :upside_down_face:


Currently working on my first ever book which I almost deleted as an unfinished draft. It’s the third chapter and the protagonist is astral projecting herself in a girl’s bedroom, she saw was going to die, without even knowing it. :'V

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Currently revisioning my 2nd book adding A haunting in it

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I’m currently working on my first book on Wattpad. I’ve just finished the fourth chapter, but still have to revise it. In this chapter, the main character learns how to fight without magic, but she’s having some problems with that. At the same time, she can’t stop thinking about the journey she soon has to embark on and she feels afraid of where it might lead her.

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Making media for my comic-novel hybrid series. I’m getting down to the wire! Doing the last big illustration tonight!

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That sounds so intriguing!

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I’ve got three novellas going on at the moment that I want to complete before really diving in to the revisions and editing of the one I just completed.

I update all of those twice a week and I’m having a blast writing them. They’ve all been ideas I’ve had floating in my head for years that I want to get out to make room for more ideas.

The chapter I’m currently working on is from ‘Liquid Lucidity’. In the prior chapter, the bar owner/ love interest just killed a guy during a robbery and he’s dealing with all the old wounds opening back up from his military days and is sort of getting a wake up call about the life he’s leading vs. the life he wants to lead.


Thank you! :smiley:

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You think that’s bad? Right now I’m reconstructing my entire trilogy, line for line. New bonus scenes as well. Pretty much, I am using the original as my outline, and reconstructing it to fill in the holes. This is a very long and tedious process, but at the end of the day, the result is phenomenal heh. Don’t lose heart, and keep at it. Surely you’ll be rewarded ^^


This is similar to one of the main conflicts in my book as well.

The difference is that, while the protagonist tries push their future ahead in the direction they so desire, they cannot escape the endless nightmares of their past.

They are willing to become corruption itself. Even if it means becoming the enemy of the nine worlds. They will embrace their imperfections and selfish desires. All for a chance to grasp those desires.

Hence the name of the second book, which I will not name due to guidelines and all.

I’m about halfway through my first novel (in the drafts) and I’m working on a chapter where the MC unintentionally saves the rebels lives by informing them of an attack.

That wouldn’t be against guidelines. Only if you posted the story link or directed me to it.

Unless the story title itself breaks rules.

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Yeah, the story title itself breaks the rules from last I remember. They consider it advertising. Even when it is not meant as such.

I’m halfway through proof reading the next chapter of my current WIP and cleaning up a trilogy.

Only if you ask people to read it, post a link or encourage to check it out.

It’s pretty common to share the name of your book.

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People have had their post flagged for simply stating the name of it. If I state the name of it, the thread will be closed if I’m flagged, so I won’t chance it.

Alrighty. But I damn curious now.

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There is a work around, Wattpad does not penalize for sharing covers.

Why this is allowed, I don’t even know.


I posted my new story a week ago yesterday and I’m about half way through with Chapter 7