Come Read a Book with Me (New Book Club for writers and readers)



Hey Guys my name is Destiny :wave:t4:

So I’ve decided to start a book club and you’re invited to join!!

First let me give you a brief description to why I’ve started one. Basically I would love to start one in my real life but unfortunately I do not have enough friends that actually read so I thought why not come here and start one with people all over the world that actually enjoy reading.

This book club is for readers looking for something new and to talk about amongst friends and this club is for writers that want to give their story some exposure.

How this will work is that each book will be given 2 weeks for the readers to read and critique. After that time of course you, the reader, can continue it if you like but don’t have to if it is not something that you enjoy. At the end of both weeks we will have a club check in where we come together and discuss what we have read. For my writers, when it comes time that your book is the monthly read you can come back weekly and hear first hand what readers think of your story.

Now as far as what books we will read I have 3 already to start the club off but members can privately message me a book you would like to read as a group and writers (must also be a member) you can privately message me if you want your book to be read too.

Lastly I will create a reading list with all the books that we’ve read in this book club.
(Currently in the works is a book itself where the club will be moved to I believe it will be easier so please follow my Wattpad account to see it @Destinyy_Marie thank you!!)


-DO NOT PROMOTE HERE the only person that can announce what book is to be read next is myself. If you want a book to be read you have to private message me.
-Reply to the part that I have opened that way it is easy for the writers to read all the feedback in one spot
-For each week read AT LEAST 4 chapters so at the end of the two weeks we can at least critique on the first 8 chapters of the story.


For each check in AT LEAST 4 chapters should be read because those will be the 4 we are talking about. If you’ve read further, wait for the next check in just in case some have only read only the first 4.

When you come for the check in I want you to tell everyone these things:
-What you like and dislike
-What you think is going to happen next
-Who your favorite characters are
-Whats your favorite scenes tell us
-Tell us is the book what you expected
-Also because some members are also authors give your honest opinion about the book and if you think their is room for improvement say that to help the author out.

Those are the type of answers I want to see in BOTH check ins because your favorite scene in the first 4 can change after reading the last 4.

For the second check in after the 8 chapters I want you to answer the above questions and also:
-Rate the story out of 10
-Say whether or not this book is something you will continue to read and explain why or why not.

If you would like to join this club reply your name and something interesting about yourself. This club is to create friendships and to read new books. The first book will be announced once this club hits at least 5 members.

So, come read a book with me?


Heyyy Um… awkward wave I hope I’m doing this right… there are no other replies so I’m kinda scared that I stuffed up. :stuck_out_tongue: Nice to meet you, I’m Laurel, and I’m the CEO of SLAYS & Co. It stands for Silent and Loud At Your Service Silent. I’ve had several people tell me that I’m an absolute pro at being awkward, and I am famous amongst members of my family for constantly breaking my own records which can be found in the book Guinness Clumsiness Records. If you ever need someone to scare away you’re ex, call me at 1800- SOS- Gone. I’ll hand them my attempts at cooking and baking which will for sure make them run for their lives. I just realised that this wasn’t something interesting about me… and I spoke too much, but I think I deserve some brownie points on how smooooth I was wink wink Totally didn’t spend 30 minutes trying to sound less like a five year old, which is better than my mental age, which is currently sitting at a record low of -237. It’s rather impressive and anyone who dares to beat- how am I not banned yet? :joy_cat::smile_cat::smiley_cat::bluehearts::blue_heart:


well hello, I’d love to join your book club! My name is Re, but you can also call me Kyro :slight_smile: I like writing and reading scifi, fantasy, and teen fiction, and I’m aiming to selfpublish this year.


Hello! I’m pretty new here. You can call me Z. Since I was a reader before a writer, I thought a book club was probably the best place for me in this community. Something interesting about myself is that when I’m not writing or reading, I work outside. I really love the outdoors.
My favorite genres are fantasy, romance, and horror. But I’ll read just about anything. I don’t think it’s right to judge a book by its genre.
Can’t wait to start reading with everyone!


Hey, I’m Yasmeen. Yazz for short.

Something interesting about me is… um… I can draw and crochet(a lot of young people don’t know how to do that :joy:)


I already like you!!


Very nice to meet you Kyro :hugs:


I very much agree about not judging because of genre but hello Z :wave:t4:


My grandmother attempted to teach me once but my patience is very little lmao I’m proud you learned!


I like you too XD Yea… I’m super awkward and everyone here sounds so professional and then there’s just me XD But that was very kind and sweet of you :blue_heart:


Hi my name is Dawn. I would love to be apart of something on Wattpad.

Something interesting about me hmmmm? My hand writing resembles a little boys in real life lol.


oh h e y stranger, I just realized we’re in this book club together (rip my observation skills)


omg heyyy!!!


how’s life treatin ya?

also what time zone do you live in? 'cause it’s like super late here.


I’m an Aussie and it’s 10 pm here XD Wattpad keeps me up till 3 in the morning XD


How 'bout you?


sure idm joining another book club. where do i sign up?


Right here :smile_cat:


i fell asleep :grimacing: I’m Canadian and it was 5am when I asked (now it’s 12)


My name is Brittani
And I am 6 days away from being 21 :slight_smile: