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Well, happy birthday in 6 days :tada::confetti_ball::balloon::sparkles::firecracker::gift::ribbon: Here’s my part in singing the song (early version)
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Brittani,
You’re a hundred and two!
Hippip, Hurray! Hippip, Hurray! Hippip, Hurray!
Does that mean you can drink and vote when you turn 21? Because from where I live, it’s 18.


This made me so happy!! Thank you soo much!

At 21 we can drink, but we can vote at 18 :slight_smile: i live in North America. <3


Happy Birthday in 6 days, you deserve it :blue_heart:


This warms my heart cause Ive never gotten a birthday party or anything. Youre so sweet.


Awww me neither, other than my one year old birthday party XD But hey the 21st is a big deal! And you’ve survived for 21 years including basic education XD So I would say you should spoil yourself rotten on that dayXD




You’ve never gotten a birthday party??? That’s crazy. I hope you get one this year!


We’ve got some plans, but it sucks cause my birthday is on a Monday XD


Nope its in the dead of Winter so no one wanted to hang out


Oh damn… well at least you’re gonna do something you love, right?


Yes, hopefully. But I’ll get to spend it with my husband.


Awww that’s cute and good :smiley_cat::blue_heart: but 21st is so big… you have to do something you love.:bluehearts::balloon::tada:


:sparkles: merry early birthday :sparkles:


Oh hey, copy edit waves:smiley_cat:


well henlo there Laurel, :alien:
how are you today?


Ehhhhhh the usual XD Awkward, hungry… really hungry right now… but there’s literally nothing in the kitchen that is yummy other than a watermelon but I want something more filling XD Yea… now you see my daily troubles :sweat_smile: XD XD

How bout you?


We will the next weekend <3


Thank you very much


Yay! I don’t know why I feel so happy XD But have the best birthday :blue_heart:


Youre making me even more excited!