Come Read a Book with Me (New Book Club for writers and readers)



XD You should be… you survived 21 years that’s an achievement XD


sounds fun lol. Do you drink coffee? You could try that or tea, if you have any. Caffeine is a natural appetite suppressant.

Same old, same old. Should be writing, am procratinating. Should be working on assignments, am procrastinating :sweat_smile:


Not allowed any caffeine… my parents literally lock it away XD I once had some and I went absolutely crazy… it was like quote unquote “you were an energy ball that we had to take on walks” (what my parents said) so XD I procrastinate so much… I’m meant to be practising piano right now but ugggghhhhh XD


Very true, very true. Do we have a book we are supposed to be reading right now for this group?


I don’t think so, not yet… but I am excited XD


rip I would be a slug without coffee.

Oh, what kind (?) of piano do you play? Like what style of music?


I play the piano, just piano, not a keyboard… and I play classical music XD No meme music sorry XD


oo girl, same. Do you use Royal Conservatory in Australia or sth else?
(what even is meme music)


Well I used to go to a Conservatorium in a program for rising young musicians, then I tried out for the Conservatorium High (basically a high school with super musicians and smart kids) and got in… but didn’t go there because I kinda realised that I didn’t want to grow up to become a pianist or something and also I could never be good enough XD And so, I’m doing grades right now and I really need to go practise soon XD This next grade is so flippin hard… harder than cleaning my room… and my room needs some serious cleaning XD… meme music is like you know, nyan cat and then you play that on the piano XD

Note: I am not good at piano XD So yea… just make sure to remember that


Woah, music school ;o;
what grade are you working on? I did up to grade 8 before I graduated and my mom decided that if I wanted anymore music lessons I had to pay for them myself. I love the music but the exams are sooo hard (especially the technical part) and also theory was a pain in the ass.

It never occurred to me that you could play nyan cat on the piano!! I must try this TuT


Lmus XD I’m dying XD XD XD Send help to find my body… you’re invited to my funeral XD


XD what kind of flowers would you like at your funeral?


Hmmmm any kind, to be honest… do you have any suggestions?


Hm hmm hmmmm, skims flower meanings list uh… Zinnia, Coreopsis, and white clover in complementary colors.


Hell yeaaa! I’m seriously considering it for my funeral now XD They look cool XD


I aim to please overdramatic bow


Well my “name” JJohnson-pitter but just call me JJ.

I’m a first time writer and I want to know how you first time writer become so successful. I want to become a published writer in the future as I have an entire universe planned out. Hence “interlude series”.


Heya JJ, I have a question for you; what constitutes a ‘first-time’ writer?


writing a Novel/story for the first time on a social platform.


Alright, well I don’t know about success and I haven’t published yet, but there are a couple good ways to gain popularity (or at least garner good attention) on writing websites.

  • Update regularly. Pick a day out of the week and update every week on that day. If you’re still writing the story then make sure you have at least five chapters written before you start updating, that way if you have a bad writing week you still have something to upload.
  • Network. Talk to people in the threads, if there are areas to share your story, share it. Leave comments and likes on other people’s stories, particularly the ones in your genre.
  • Make sure, if nothing else, that your spelling and grammar are well done.
  • It also helps a great deal to have good cover art and proper formatting.