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My new years resolution is to write two chapters a month, publishing on the 1st and 15/16 because i write around 3k words per chapter. i used to have chapters already made but cirrcumstances butchered my back up chapters so i’m kinda writing for each deadline now. but i don’t really mind, keeps me on my feet but it is annoying sometimes. ( I gotta sort that out sooner or later though.)

i have tried networking but i hate the whole advertising my stories on other peoples work, it makes me feel kinda scum-like, but i do comments on peoples works. i want to stop using critiques because it feel like nothing has changes during that period. i keep getting the same or similar responses. I also have two social media’s for my work, twitter and Instagram. I’ll try talking on threads more but i’m a student so i try to balance my school life with my leisure as it is.

I’ve been told my grammar is well up to par but some say its fine, some say it needs tweaks so i’m thinking of using the software called grammerly.

and the the last piece of advice is an easy check.

i’ve thought of doing competitions but those only really come round during summer and there’s not much in the UK compared to the US. The Wattpad ones are not really active right now either so that’s a disappointment too. I don’t know many sites outside of Wattpad that have similar formats for me to gain an audience.


Hi everyone :joy:

My name’s Jessica.

Something interesting about me? :sweat_smile: I was in my secondary school choir but I was so bad the music teacher told me to just mouth the words.


That’s a good resolution ^u^ 3k is pretty long for a wattpad chapter, you could probably get more updates out of a chapter by dividing them each in half to create two 1.5k chapters better suited to wattpad formats and just title them ‘1.1’ and ‘1.2’ or something similar.

Yeah, advertising on someone else’s work is a suckish move and I don’t imagine it works very well. I do like critiques though, the meaner the better. The feedback gives me a good idea on what things need fixing, and if it’s a good report there’s always a spike in my reads.

Grammarly works well as long as you’re not writing something with a lot of non-English words, and you also have to be careful because grammar checkers aren’t always the most intuitive.

I recommend Penana, it’s formatted very similarly to Wattpad but with a much much smaller community. You can also try Inkitt, though personally I don’t like it as much.


oh mood, lol

Nice to meet you, Jessica :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! My name’s Sajee. I’m from Sri Lanka, but I study medicine now in Romania. And yeah, that does mean I get busy quite a lot but I read a lot of fiction in my downtime XD. I’d love to join your club :slight_smile:!


Hii Sajee! :grin:


Hey Kyro ^^! How are you today?


I’m not sure how i would handle making 1.5k chapters considering that i like making 3k chapters as preparation for me getting published, also becuase i can write 1.5k chapters in a day but that would make me feel as if i’m rushing and trying to condense alot into one chapter, especially if im deciding to fill it with hints for readers to try and figure things out before the characters.

However, i do understand that some chapters are required to be smaller. someone even suggested that i condense my chapter 1 because its so long for a first chapter for not only Wattpad standards, but because it can be so easily condensed in the first place. one day i will write smaller chapters.

I’ve tried Inkitt and i didn’t like it either. ill try out Penana though.


Is Penana an app?


I also tend to write longer 3k+ chapters. I’ve found it easier if I just wrote a chapter normally and then split it up into three or so parts. have you tried Royalroad? I’ve started posting there a couple of weeks ago, and it doesn’t seem too bad.


Never heard of that before. I only know of Wattpad because a friend of mine used to be here a lot. I’ll be sure to try it out and see if i like it at all.

I cant imagine me breaking up a 3k chapter in half or into a third unless i’m changing scenes entirely. which doesn’t happen much as of right now.

Does breaking it up in half work really well for you?


Same! It just popped up on my chrome suggested page one day, and I liked the UI enough to check XD.
Well, I guess with my story, I tend to write about 3-4 scenes per chapter. Longer chapters with about 5 scenes and smaller with about 2 scenes. And they tend to be of a similar length (Not always though, but mostly each scene is around 1400 words I think), so it’s easier to split up. Of course, i still have two chapter parts out of what I’ve written so far that will be 1800-2000 words and one that’s 900 words because it’s action heavy. But as a whole, I think it’s better than forcing yourself to skip important things, especially when you’re still on your first draft.


Fair enough, but i think im going to stick to 3k chapter unless its not required or that i can condense it to get the same value.

Checking out the suggested sites now, anything i should know before hand?


Hmm, well with royalroad, they need you to write something on the bio of other sites you’ve published your story on to make sure it’s not plagiarized in order to get it approved.


Well that rather irritating yet understandable. Do i need wait a specific period in order for it to get approved?


it is saying that my cover is too small pixel wise. what do i do? @draphy


It only took mine about 12h to get approved.
Oh…I actually had that problem when I used a cover I downloaded directly from wattpad. But it worked after i used an original full image for the new one. Is that why?


Yeah that’s what I’m talking about. So I would have to copy the image directly from the place I got it and paste it as a link there?


Yup, though i was using the phone, so I downloaded it directly and uploaded that.


Hm okay I’ll try that. Thank you.