Come Read a Book with Me (New Book Club for writers and readers)



No problem!


I’ll join! My name is Cellie.

Something interesting about myself… hmmm… I make super good coconut cream pie. Does that count?


Hello! How are you?
Ooh, that definitely counts, sounds yummy :heart_eyes:.


I’m doing rather well this morning! Currently playing with my cat, Mischief. How are you?

Phew! Glad to hear that’s enough lol! They are yummy :heart_eyes:


Very well thank you XD! I’m having tea now, taking a break from studying :joy:.


Break times are bliss :innocent:

What are you studying?


Very! Behavioural science, which is like an introduction to psychology I guess :thinking:.
Do you have a lot of pets? I have a rabbit myself. What’s your cat’s name?


Ooh, deep stuff! I used to work as a receptionist/clerk to a counseling center. Behavioral health is a tough but very needed profession in our world.

Personally, I have a dog (his name is Balto) and a cat (her name is Mischief). My family’s household though has lots of pets. Cats, dogs, a rabbit, chickens, and goats. What’s your rabbit’s name?


Unfortunately it’s pretty basic for us now since I’m only a second year XD. I’m really looking forward to learning it in depth in psychiatry though! It’s one of my favourite specialities.
Oh my gosh, your household sounds like a dream! I’ve always wanted to have so many animals around! That’s amazing :heart_eyes:. Your pets have such cute names XD!!! My bunny’s name is Frost, she recently turned 2.


Aww! I love that name! :rabbit2:
Thank you! We have so much fun naming creatures! Possibly a little too much lol. My favorite is my sister’s cat named Gandalf the Grey. He is quite literally completely grey from head to tail.


Thanks XD! Awww, that’s such an adorable name!!!


Now that I’ve had a nice long sleep I’m doing pretty well. What about you?


Well yeah, I’m not saying you should switch to writing shorter chapters. What I mean is, you should go ahead and write your 3k chapter, then after it’s finished find a convenient place to cut it in half and upload those two halves separately. On a document or in a real world book the chapter would remain whole, but on wattpad it would be two parts. Like The Hobbit being divided into two books even though it’s technically only one. This will give you more material to upload (you can upload weekly instead of just twice a month), and it will help prevent your readers from becoming impatient with the chapter length.

Penana is indeed an app, it’s also a website. There are quite a few wattpadders there already.


I’m good ^^! Though here it’s nearly bed time for me :joy:.


What time is it there? It’s only 3:30pm here (I slept most of the day instead of at night… like a regular person.)


11:25 pm. I love to sleep late too but unfortunately I have classes early :sob:. Are you more of an evening/ night person?


rip having to get up early for something is the worst. I’m a definite night person, it’s so much more peaceful than the day. What do you prefer? Morning or night?


Night by far. It’s indeed night for me also. But unfortunely I’m a student😑


Ah yes, the unending dilemma of a student nightowl.
“I don’t want to sleeeeeep,”
the next morning: “I regret… every… thing.”


:joy::joy: literally me yesterday