Come Read a Book with Me (New Book Club for writers and readers)



Yesss, same! And the mornings are especially difficult in winter. Definitely night :joy:.


:joy: your poor brain.


I feel you! It’s the same with me. And sometimes our schedule is so messed up that we have night classes too (Though we didn’t have those this year thankfully).


ikr? It’s so dark it feels like you’re getting up at midnight instead of 8


Yassss :joy:. Me right now in the first part.


And so cold when you go outside too. Who makes these schedules???



Next Morning:


Haha, perfect :joy:. Speaking of which, I should probably go to sleep now XD.



@Destinyy_Marie Heya!!! I was just wondering what our first book is?


@Destinyy_Marie I was wondering the same thing :slight_smile:


They say the uglier the writing the smarter the person because your brain is moving too fast to worry about cute handwriting


Happy late bday!! I see this was 7 days ago :sweat_smile:


Wow!!! I was not expecting this at all!! Tbh I swear I thought no one would find this club and I am overjoyed with all you wonderful people in here!! Ok ok I’ve been MIA because my dumb self forgot to turn my notifications on for this :woman_facepalming:t4: But I have a question to ask you guys.

Should we keep the club here or should we use this place to gain people and then move the book club to an actual book that I can write and there in the comments you all can say your piece about the current read?

Love you all thanks so much for wanting to read with me


I’ve never been in a book club, so… I’m really not sure which would work better. I am cool with either option.


Hello! I’m fine with either I guess, but the forum might be easier to use for discussions :thinking:. So I vote for the club XD.


Either way works for me but I think it would easier to have open discussions on a thread rather than a book.


We can do a trial and error type of thing. We can have one discussion here see how we like it and then another in a book and which ever has more people liking one option will be the forever tool of this book club. Ok before we begin I would like all members to follow my personal wattpad account so I am able to keep in touch with you and you all can hmu whenever lol and tomorrow (later today my time lmao because it’s 2 in the morning by me) I will announce the first book!!!


Hello Lovely Friends it is yet another very early morning for me (3am) because I work so much and never have the time for myself :sob: but let’s get right into this shall we, enough of my excuses.

Ok so the first read (do not hate me!!) I would really enjoy it if we start off first by all of you checking out the book that I wrote. I know I know but hear me out 1 this helps myself as a writer, 2 it gives you guys a book to read and myself 2 weeks to tweak and get this book club up and running smoothly. More smooth then the hot mess that it is rn. I am currently on my phone so I can’t quite post the link to it but you all should be following me rn so just go to my works and find it. (If you aren’t following me please do so and also please message me saying you’re part of the book club so I know who is who thank you)

So the two weeks for my story “My Best Friends Brother” starts today January 18, 2019. The first week touch base will be on January 25, 2019 and the second week touch base and overall thoughts will be February 1st. So please try and come back close to those days so we could discuss the book and also on Feb 1st the 2nd read will be announced along with the dates and so on and so forth for the rest of the books we read together.

I’m going to create a reading list and add into it as we go on and also I’m going to most likely search all of you guys up on the wattpad app that way It’s easier to communicate and lastly going to create that book for this book club and we can trial and error that out. Phew I feel like I’ve said so much lmao please message me or reply here with any questions or anything really. I wish I knew a way to make this part of wattpad send me notifications lmao anyways goodnight and Goodmorning!!


Yup…stalked you all and found all your profiles :sweat_smile: