Come Read a Book with Me (New Book Club for writers and readers)



Hey hey. I think I would like to join because I like the overall idea of having one book for the whole group to read and discuss it. It’s different from other book clubs I saw so far and I am intrigued. Yet still a teensy bit confused too about how exactly we will go about things.

Uh I guess I will start introducing myself a bit. My name i May and I am rather new on wattpad as an active member and writer. An interesting fact about me… hm,is that I am a loser. I’m just playing haha… altho true, I guess if I had to say something it’s that I strongly believe I used to be a hedgehog in my last life. Thus hedgehogs are my favorite animals and I managed to save quite a few from getting run over by cars. Since I don’t accomplish a lot in life this counts as one of my biggest accomplishments lol.

Soo about questions I have, I would like to know… if we get a book to read how many chapters would you say are to be read to complete an assignment? I am asking because let’s say someone joins with a book that got 40 chapters, i doubt we would have to read all 40 in two weeks right?
Else are there any other rules ?


Hi, there. I am new here and would like to join your book club. I am a reader as well as an author.


heya, advertising your story isn’t allowed outside of the designated threads. But you can head on over to the Share Your Story threads and post there instead.


Hi, I am interested! Please count me in!


I too think about being something or someone in a past life and I also believe in after death being born as something or someone else. You’re a true animal hero for saving those hedgehogs and to answer your questions read as much as you can and I should make a requirement for each week so I’m going to make this my official new rule ATTENTION MEMBERS READ THIS NEXT PART (I will also add it to the original post) but for each week at least read 4 chapters and I will choose books that at least have 8 chapters to read that way each week you can read 4.


Welcome welcome to all new members. Please scroll up the first book was announced a minute ago and the first check in is approaching soon. Please follow me on wattpad and try and be back for the first check up which I believe is January 25


Ok, thanks.


Hey guys! I just realized I forgot to check in here :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:!!! I’ve read the first six chapters so far, so if anyone’s here, we can discuss I guess.


I’ve only read two so far :speak_no_evil: I will try to catch up to join the discussion


@draphy @CellieStory

I forgot to come back too :sweat_smile: I read the 8 chapter minimum but didn’t go any further.


Listen :clap::joy: I

I feel like we should have some sort of ‘rubric / guide’ on how we approach check ups. Do we list what we liked so far? What chapter we’re currently reading? What we think is going to happen next? What did you think the book would be about before you read it ?

I read few chapters and then literally sat waiting on the 25th like ‘what do I say?’

And then when we give our overall thoughts and reviews do we include whether or not we would read further?Which characters we loved and which we didn’t? Do we offer constructive critiques and is the selected author open to hearing them? ect ect

It doesn’t have to be a full blown questionnaire but just some sort of stepping stone to get the conversation going would be grand.:sweat_smile:

Okay i’ve said my piece. Good night :no_good_woman:


This is a good question/suggestion! I made notes but idrk what to do with them.

@Destinyy_Marie come forth, brave leader. Enlighten us.


These are some excellent suggestions!


Soooooo update. I got a promotion at my job and completely lost sight of my club :sob: I apologize so greatly for this!!

BUT this question on what you say is EXACTLY what I want to hear from each and every one of you. For each check in AT LEAST 4 chapters should be read because those will be the 4 we are talking about. If you’ve read further, wait for the next check in just in case some have only read the 4.

Ok so when you come for the check in I want you to tell everyone what you like and dislike, what you think is going to happen next, if you have any favorite characters or favorite scenes tell us that too, tell us is the book what you expected, also because some members are also authors give your honest opinion about the book and if you think their is room for improvement say that to help the author out. Those are the type of answers I want to see in BOTH check ins because your favorite scene in the first 4 can change after reading the last 4.

For the second check in after the 8 chapters I want you to answer the above questions (no worries i will post them in the original post so that they are easy to find ) and Rate the story out of 10 and I want you to say whether or not this book is something you will continue to read and explain why or why not.

Now that we have what is to be said I’m changing the first check in to Feb 2 since we missed it and since the second is literally tomorrow lmao I’m postponing both so we can discuss. So the first check in is Feb 2 and the second check in is Feb 9. For the first one we will discuss the 4 chapters and for the second one we will discuss the 8 and overall thoughts and opinions.

I hope this clears up all confusion. Love Des :heart:



I have added some new stuff to the original post but all in all I believe moving the club from Wattpad community to Wattpad itself will be easier. I believe creating a book itself might make check ins and overall everything easier and better. The check ins can be in the inline comments of the story that way for my writers they can go to the chapters about their book to check out the feed back. And with there you can get notifications letting you know when I’ve published a new part which would be either a check in is occurring or a new book is being announced. Give me your overall thoughts on this and please go to my profile and vote on the first chapter so I know who all my active members are.



ITS FEB SECOND :speaking_head::speaking_head: please go comment in the book club book on my profile please. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say


Can we please take a minute to discuss everyone’s boundaries as far as reading goes? I know we’re all responsible, mature people, but like, I don’t want to have to be rolling my eyes and bracing myself two months from now because for the third time in a row a reading club book has graphic sex scenes. And maybe there’s someone here who doesn’t want to read a lot of stories with suicide in them, or who doesn’t want to read ED stories.

I’m not saying we should only read books that are within everyone’s comfort zone, but we should be aware of everyone’s boundaries so that we’re not always reading books that make members uncomfortable.


I agree with you!
Since we have a lot of members, maybe we can have a list of what everyone doesn’t read? And those members can skip those few weeks? Although mature stories will have a lot less readers so it won’t be a fair distribution :thinking:.
I’d also like to suggest a tag list with all the members. It’s very easy to forget the dates without a reminder (which is what most bookclubs do anyway).



Also, some books may be rated “mature” because of strong language others because of graphic descriptions of violence others explicit sex scenes etc. Maybe we could have a part in the “Book of the week” we are currently reading that has almost like a “about the book”/ “blurb” in the wattpad book like ;

Title : Random Name

Author : Random Name

Genre : Fiction

Summary : Bla bla bla

Rating : Mature (strong language) or Mature ( sensitive subjects, graphic descriptions of violence)

That way if someone isn’t comfortable reading sexual scenes but they don’t mind strong language they can then judge if they’re cool with it.


I have done this. It’s in the book club book. And I’m open to hear everyone’s comfort areas so I can choose books accordingly