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I know I just meant for books that are rated mature we have something in brackets letting us all know why it’s rated mature. Like has the author rated it mature because of strong language? Or have they rated it mature because it contains sensitive scenes or touches on a sensitive subject?

Because I’m down for just about anything, like I’ll read it all with an open mind regardless if it’s rated mature or not but there are some readers who, for example, are completely here for any strong language and love a good explicit sex scene but they draw the line at books that maybe touch on suicide or mental illness or eating disorders and other sensitive topics.

So I just wanted to suggest that in addition to the little “about this book” / “book of the week” bit we have it mentioned like “hey just so you know this book is rated mature BECAUSE it contains strong language” or “hey this book is rated mature BECAUSE it contains explicit sex scenes and strong language”

Or if it’s not rated mature then it maybe say “Rating : PG” :joy: Idk

Not just having it say “Mature” but give a little more info as to what exactly is it that made the author rate it mature. And that could be something you PM the author about before we read their book beforehand, like if or when you PM them that their book is next IDK :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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M’kay, I hope I’m not overstepping here but I totally missed the last check-in, and I noticed that a lot of people missed the first check-in, so I made a taglist. If there’s an update (new story, new check-in, etc.) you can just copy and paste the taglist to somewhere on your post and everyone will get the alert. That way everyone can stay in the loop.

Also I noticed the book club book doesn’t have a chapter up for the second check-in? Is there going to be a chapter for that or do you just want us to post our thoughts on the first check-in page?


Thanx man! ^^ Will do! Man you’re so organised and logical… and I can’t even clean my room :joy_cat: man the truth hurts :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


I missed the check in too :sweat_smile: thank you for the reminder


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Sorry, I missed it too. Haven’t been online in quite some time. :frowning:


@Destinyy_Marie the meme i made you


rip my room is never clean either :joy: I just have practice organizing other clubs (and i’m bossy, so, you know.)


Ripped :joy::joy::tired_face::tired_face::sleepy::joy::joy::joy:
Bruv… :weary: no


no but that’s all I could think of while I was reading. I could see the good parts, I could see those little bits hiding on the bottom of the iceberg and I’m so frustrated that this story is dead set on being a Wattpad Bad Boy ™ story when it shows potential for so much more.


I swear to god I am the worse. I tell myself to come back and then I get so swooped up in all the stuff happening in my life I am so so sorry guys


No I don’t think you’re bossy, you’re more of a leader or just an organised person who has independent thinking and initiative. I’ve also noticed (btw I’m no ‘feminazi’) but that girls who are more leader-like or have a more authoritative approach to managing group tasks or schedules are referred t as ‘bossy’ (which generally has a more negative connotation) and boys who demonstrate the same behaviour are called a ‘leader’ or ‘high-flyer’ (positive connotation)… and comments like “You scream like a girl” or “You run like a girl” kinda just make me confused because isn’t that meant to be a good thing? And yet ppl say it in a negative way… I just had to say this because I’ve noticed quite a few people doing it around me… so yea… just something I noticed randomly, though it doesn’t really fit into this section. I feel like if I wrote the same comment somewhere else it would trigger certain responses from certain people and well… time to grab popcorn! XD :wink:


Hiya! You called? What are your three wishes, master? XD Sorry I just watched Aladdin (forced by some 8 year olds) XD


Hey, sorry sorry. Took a little break away from wattpad, but thanks for organizing in here! The tag is helpful, else I totally would have missed that things are moving in here.

Trying to catch up with what’s new here now! ^^



As a parent I have been held hostage by a child many a days by their favorite story. :smile:

I was letting others know I read the story but just didn’t get back on line in time to give an input to the story.


that’s a nice way of wording it, I should add that to my resume.

idk i feel like the same arguments are made by feminists all the time and at this point they’re losing both impact (as a result of repetition) and relevancy (as a result of the increase in awareness leading to a down trend in subtle sexism). Don’t get me wrong, feminism is great and it’s lead to a lot of great changes and continues to push changes in other less fortunate countries. But western feminism (i.e. american/canadian/european feminism) has shifted so drastically toward stuff like whether or not there are ‘enough’ women represented in media, it’s lost it’s importance. Or at the very least, anything good is being buried under all the shouting. Anyways, that’s probably not the point you were trying to make but i’m just not very fond of western feminism atm.


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so… what’s our next book?


I’m still waiting if there’s going to be a second check in for the current one ^^
I think @Destinyy_Marie is supposed to choose the next book to read


Same, I’m still waiting for the other check in :woman_shrugging:t2:.


I’m starting to think this isn’t working out because there’s always delay lol… Which is sad, I liked the idea. I would open a new book club with a similar idea but I feel like I am bad at organizing stuff and I am worried I would end up slacking off too and then we got the same issue again ^^;


True :frowning: