Comic Books/Comics on Wattpad

I’m wondering about comic books on Wattpad.

I know that there’s a lot of fanfic of comic book characters on Wattpad and stuff, but is there any comics/web comics on it?

I have an original comic book that I’m thinking about putting up on the platform, or at least some version of it. But I haven’t seen any indication that it would be a thing people would read.

Are there any out there? Are you for or against the idea of visualizing things that way?


I’ve put up the first draft of my comic here. Quick tip before I forget: While each chapter you create on Wattpad allows you to post a maximum of (20) images, only the first (5) will enlarge.

If there’s a proper category for comics, I haven’t seen it - but the number of drawing threads and sketchbooks I’ve seen people post has me convinced it would be worth its own category.

I would say go for it, man - I’m a writer, and my artwork isn’t great, but I decided to draw my first issue myself, to have something I could share with a potential artist-partner. Well, I wasted several years approaching folks, trying to find someone I could afford to hire, and now, after getting some encouraging feedback, I’m about to move ahead and draw the second of my ten-issue series.

I don’t know how you categorize yourself - if you’re one of those turkeys who can write and draw, I’m jealous : ) But drawing my first draft myself was a fantastic exercise. I was holding back because I’d get two panels down, and the characters weren’t looking consistent from one image to the next. At some point, I gave up on perfection. I treated each panel as its own work of art, and I have to tell you I had a lot of fun - I tried every method that came to mind, from tracing historical photos to winging it with pencil and then inking over that; I even started photographing myself and then tracing those with ink. It’s sure not professional-level, that first draft, but I (as you can see) am long-winded in print, and making this comic showed me the limitations of how much text you can put into a frame.

However - I broke a lot of rules and just did it for myself.

I think if you can get your idea across, you’ve achieved success. Alan Moore had some great perspective on using comics to move beyond the familiar visual formats, like movies - he wrote something saying that he preferred to use comics to bend time and visualization in ways that movies and other visual media would never succeed.

Sorry to ramble but it’s exciting to see someone else doing comics. Following you now and hoping I get an update that you’ve posted something!


Off topic but, do let me know once you post the comic. I’m so into them and there are barely any here.

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I believe there are some comics on Wattpad but I feel like most people, who come here are looking more for written content. Also I feel like the way Wattpad displays pages is not ideal for comics. If you put a whole page’s worth of panels into one graphic, it will most probably be way too small on mobile devices. If you put up each panel as a separate graphic, you’ll soon hit the limit for media per chapter.

Have you heard of webtoon? It’s similar in a way to Wattpad, but for webcomics/webtoons instead. Maybe that might be an option for you? It has a section called Canvas where everyone can upload their content to and then the Original section that contains their featured comics. It should be noted though that there’s a big emphasis on somewhat romantic content though.


I posted a strip comic on wattpad (in my Italian account ) and won wattys 2017. So go on!


I remember one time during the Wattys a graphic novel won. But other than that, I don’t really see any comics here. I think people mostly go to Webtoon for that.


You’re absolutely right about the smaller devices not working well.

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@MonkeyRocketComics When you say that Wattpad allows a maximum of 20 images, do you mean on a single page or in total for a book?

20 images per chapter - I don’t think there’s a limit to the number of chapters.

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Yes, it is 200


Damn that’s a lot!

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Not that much actually
It depends on what you are used to.


I get you - I didn’t at first get into the groove of smaller chapters - I largely read on my computer - but while traveling last week, I finally understood how smaller chapters are advantageous for smaller devices - especially when I was picking up and putting my phone down several times a day to read, it was easy to find my place again, which wouldn’t have been as easy with a large-chapter presentation.

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Okay, thank you for all the feedback but I have additional questions.

Would you put your comic out in full color and everything? Black and white? Some variation?

Additionally just to add, Webtoon has a lot better interface than Tapastic.

Tapastic is like how this place can be sometimes ( at least in the past ), but on steroids. Both me and webcomic friend no longer use it.

With webcomics, community is even more important than in writing circles, because often you’re having to network with both writers and artists. Which isn’t easy if most of them treat anyone that talks them like cockroaches.:confused:

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I mean, you could but Wattpad isn’t the best place for comics. I suggest either using Webtoons or tapastic, or even try making your own website that could be fun.


The @anime profile also has a small graphic novel/manga list, but yeah, the visual storytelling genre is very sparse on Wattpad. WEBTOON and Manga Rock are my go tos.


There’s a wonderful comic book here on Wattpad in the steampunk genre. It can be found on one of the reading lists on the Steampunk ambassador site. It’s titled “The Intrepid Molly Mcguinness” :slight_smile:

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