Commaful Website Question?

The owner of the business/website emailed me directly, asking if I was interested in me filming a short video on writing advice because he loves my YouTube channel. I’ve never heard of the website before but the 15 minutes I spent looking into their social media and website, they have a lot of followers and they’re fairly active.

When I asked for more information, he sent me a few links (but I’m at work so I didn’t open it just yet).

Has anyone heard of the website? What do you think of it? Thank you in advance!

Yup! I heard of it. I was there for a few weeks about…I don’t know…a year and half ago? Maybe much less. I lose track of time easily. I would highly recommend it for anyone on Wattpad who’s committed to poetry, but is frustrated with the lack of interest in poetry on WP.

It’s a site where you post your work and view it in slides. It’s perfect for on the phone when you only want a limited amount of text on the “tile” for easier reading, and all you have to do is tap through. You can set a new picture for each tile if you want; you can even use the pictures to help tell the story.

It has its limits. I would say it’s best for poetry, and short prose like flash fiction. Anything more and the setup becomes very awkward. It’s easy to amass followers, though. I was testing it out awhile ago, so I posted really awful poetry I didn’t take seriously, and got around 500 followers within a couple weeks. Many of the works were in the featured Daily too. They give daily writing prompts and choose their top five favorites.

It’s a cute site, and from my short time there I would say everyone is quite friendly. Comments are very short, not very critical, but there’s 4 comments on average on a submission.

When I left, they eventually emailed me and asked if there was a particular reason. I told them that the site was very limiting in what I could do with it, and gave them suggestions, like different tile sizes to fit more text, etc. Something that would be more inviting to serialized works. They said they would take it all into consideration. I thought they were respectful, polite, and it was nice to see them looking to improve their site and actually ask for the opinions of users.

I never took a hard look at their TOS, so I’d suggest digging into that. But in short, Commaful is great for poetry, poetic thoughts–even poetic ranting, which I saw there a lot–and flash fiction. It’s easy to get followers since the site is small (probably still so…?) and your work is not lost in the crowd.

I do think Commaful is one of the writing sites that has the most potential to grow and stay around, particularly because of the slides/tiles, the pictures, etc. It has a lot of visual appeal for young audiences and it’s easy to work with. Again, though, I was on it a long time ago. I’m sure it’s changed at least a little since then.

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