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Sounds good! I’ll definitely be reviewing this. Stay tuned!


Sounds good!


Ooh, this looks interesting! Stay tuned for your review.


Thank you! I’ll definitely give it a read/review.


Hey thank you very much for reviewing!
My story is still ongoing but I hope you will give it a try and tell me what you think.
We are Inferiors, protected by the Supreme. When two siblings, Erin and Silas, find a ring of a Supreme hidden away in their home, Erin warns Silas to throw it away. Not listening to her advice he keeps it and tries to sell it, but gets caught. The two siblings are torn apart and with only a few months until Erin receives her medicine. Will she see her brother ever again? And what will Silas find out when he finds himself surrounded by Supremes and discovering more about himself and the country he’s been living in?
This story will be updated every week on Friday!


That actually sounds interesting. I’ll certainly be giving it a review.


Will do. My review of your book will be posted soon.


Title: Poems forged with lightning
Genre: poetry

Summary: Poems are not stories. They are powerful thoughts and emotions transformed into legible words on pen and paper. Poems are a reality, how it is perceived by the poet, in this case me.

Link to story:
Number of chapters: 19


is there a payment?


Thank you so much!!


Hi there, our story could use a review.
Title: Dark Woods
Here’s a summary:
This is the first chapter of a character driven novel. There are many more to come.
Constructive criticism is welcome :slight_smile:

Traumatised by recent attack and the loss of her family, she has given up. A chance meeting in the woods with a hunter will temporarily save her life but the question remains - will she give up for good or will she overcome her trials and turbulations and avenge her loved ones?

It’s posted on our profile.
Thanks in advance! :smiley:


Hello, dear! I’d like a review of my original historical LGBT vampire romance novel, “The Greatest Obsession.” Tells the story of a young man in 1885 London who becomes the victim of vampire attacks after moving in with his fiancee and her father. A darker tale with satirical characters and embellished, more Victorian writing to match the time period. More Anne Rice than Stephenie Meyer. Slow burn.

Twenty-five chapters and a prologue.


Hello sophie_mccarney!
I would love to read your first chapter. If you have time could you review my book summary and critique it please? Thank you.

Lif and Lifthrasir : Asgardian Tales


I’d really appreciate it if you could read my YA Fantasy novel, What the Morning Brings!



Hi! So I actually have my story on wattpad, but the more edited version is on docs. Do you mind doing the review on docs? It’s public, so you only need the link to access :slight_smile:


Sounds good! I’ll be starting on these book reviews tomorrow.


Sure, I’ll PM you my email tomorrow so you can share it with me. :slight_smile:


Thank you.


We all look forward to your thoughts :slight_smile:


Thank you!