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Title: Descent Into Madness

Genre: open fanfiction (meaning no previous knowledge is necessary to understand it)/sci-fi

Blurb: Two teenage inventors find themselves in over their heads against deadly creatures that lurk in the shadows. Trapped in a laboratory haunted by its own past, they find that it’s more than just their lives at stake.
The battle against insanity may be more difficult than the battle to make it out alive.

Chapters: 20 (with prologue), completed.



All the Lights are On
“If there was one thing that could throw this town on its head, of course it’d be the goddamned McKenzie house.”

The McKenzie house stood tall and proud, its walls worn down by time and weather. It sat with windows boarded and shutters closed, with doors locked and a porch full of holes. It was still for sale, but nobody in their right minds would buy it. First it lost its family, then its charm, and finally its power. For the past two decades, the house stood overlooking Weary Ranch, cold and dark and desolate. On one cold September morning, the citizens of Weary Ranch woke up to alarming news: all the lights were on in the McKenzie house.
52 parts of varying lengths

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Hello Sophie_McCarney, this would be a great help to me. I would love some feedback to a small excerpt I have published from a novel I have been working on. I know that it isn’t much, but I would still like some feedback to make sure I am on the right track. It is a Star Wars Novel, so you have been warned. Thanks again, I appreciate any and all feedback.

Title: Star Wars - The Fallen Order
Chapters: Just a prologue
Genre: FanFic/SciFi
Link: [ ]


Could you review my book too?
Its called ‘Embers’ and I’ve only just published the first chapter.




If you feel like it, I’d love it if you could check out Renegades. It’s a science fiction book about a dysfunctional space crew and some aliens.


Hey guys! I’m working on a few school projects, and will start my reviews when I’m done with them.


are you still taking request?
i have 2.
“give me love or Take everything” and “Blue flowers in autumn”


Title: The Collided World.

Summary: They called it the Great Collide, although it was not so much a collision of worlds, but a fusion of them. Earth, and The unknown planet came together from two separate dimensions of reality. The collective scientific minds of the old world would have called this an alternate reality, or perhaps a parallel universe, but to what became of mankind, these old world concepts were as useless as paper currency, and reality television. Now, the world was new again, undiscovered, and feral, and the remnants of both civilizations, Human, and those from the other place were left to fend for themselves against the wilderness of this new collided world.



I am still taking requests, but won’t start my reviews until later.


Hi! You could try my book if it tickles your fancy. :smiley:
If it doesn’t, then that’s totally cool too!

Title: Etched in Glass
Genre: YA Paranormal/Fantasy/Historical Fiction
Diana Tao knew that in transferring to Wyvern Academy in Hong Kong she would find her future. But, she never knew she’d find her past.

As the secrets of Wyvern Academy become unearthed, Diana finds herself toeing the line between dreams and realities. Haunted by a blood-soaked woman and vengeful spirits awakened by her blood, she must discover the roots of her ancestors or be doomed to the same fate as those who came before.
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Book Title: Dear Bully
Genre: Short Story
Author: @TockAC


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Hello and thanks for your service! If you can find the time, I’d like a review on my progress for my book Hard Times. It’s an urban fantasy story that I wrote a script for and am now converting it into book format.


Hello there! And thank you for the service you are offering! I’d like a review on my book Sweet Brutality. Here is the link:
I hope you like it!


Hi, if you have time and would like to please have a look at my story and review it if you’d like!


Hello! I started my first new book in a while for Nano and I’d love for you to take a look at it <3

Cursed Gardens is the story of twins Maggie and Val finding out their parents didn’t die in a car accident like they have believed for the last year. They’re trapped in the spirit realm and Maggie and Val might be the only witches capable of bringing them back.


Hi, i’d love to get review on my book.
Title: the girl from swan lake
Genre: teen fiction

thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Hi, I’ll love to have you review my story. It’s LGBT if you’re cool with it. It’s totally fine if you’re not. I’ll just drop the link here if you’re interested. :slight_smile:


Title: Contemporary Love
Blurb: Two lovers take on the path of love in an unconventional way.