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Title: Him & I
Genre: Young Adult Romance
Blurb: A girl with strong integrity who won’t hesitate to deviate from the society’s expectations meets a guy who fits himself to the society’s expectations.


Hi there! I’d love you to review my story, if you’re able. It’s an urban fantasy story called A City of War. There are only two chapters so far but I’d like to know how I’m going. Thank you so much! :blush:


Hi! Please do critique my ongoing novel The Seer whenever you get the time. It’s about a teenage boy, Luke Wilbur, who is haunted by his ability to see the deaths of people. His powers suddenly begin to evolve beyond that as he also starts to communicate with a mysterious ghost called Lillian. Here’s the link
Thanks :smiley:


I would like it if you could read my story, it is called Scars II Outcast II. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. Note I am not finished. :stuck_out_tongue::joy::smiley:
obviously you don’t have to just take your time.


I’d love it if you could give my book a read!
It’s called The Secret of the Waves by -oceanwriter-
Popular, pretty, and smart, Pearl’s life has been a breeze. That is, until she takes a shower and finds a mermaid tail…
Thank you so much if you do so!


Thanks so much! Take your time, of course.
doc link 12:01


Can you review my book??
Thank you!
Title: Kiss With A Vampire
Genre: Vampire Romance


I’m busy trying to start a story and with finals, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to take more requests. But for those of you who’ve already made requests, I’ll write my reviews as soon as I can.


ok thanks!
Good luck with your finals :woman_student: