Comment section pet peeves?



If you’re a writer, what sort of comments annoy you? How do you reply?

If you’re not a writer, what kind of comments annoy you when you read the comment sections?




Lmao, it’s alright.


yeah sorry, I guess overly harsh comments


I love comments so much! For the most part, I’ll take pretty much anything, and I try to reply to every user who comments, even if I can’t get to every one of their comments. That said, I will say that I’m perplexed by the comments like, “OMG I read it as ____”, and then they let me know whatever word they accidentally misread. It probably seems funny to the reader in the moment, but I have no idea how to reply to those, especially when it’s happened more than you would think.

I think the only comments that REALLY annoy me every time are when a writer advertises their work in the comments section of one of my chapters. Not. Cool.


I am a writer, but I don’t mind any comments unless they’re vulgar or just straight up attacking me, not that I’ve ever had any of those. As a reader, what I find irritating personally is when an author asks for critiques and doesn’t bother responding to any of them or fixing anything that the audience pointed out. Why ask for something you are not planning on using in any way?


@SammyWilkonsin Absolutely true!
@smaoineamh Lmao, I usually reply with a laughing face emoji because I don’t either. And the advertising is so annoying, especially when the spam every chapter. A lot of the time, I end up muting the user because they won’t stop even after I ask them to.
@Synonym_Rolls I know some writers edit offline before they post the edited versions so hopefully, that’s what they’re doing because it would be terrible to not take advice after someone took the time out of their day to give you some.


I think sometimes people are also waiting to get a number of different eyes on it. From a writer’s perspective, as awesome as it is to have a beta read, sometimes you get contradictory advice, or one person flags something as needing to be changed that three others absolutely love, etc. There’s a lot to be said for being able to look at patterns in feedback and then choosing a revision strategy. It’s really helpful if the author communicates to beta readers or critics that that’s their plan and they won’t be making changes right away. And at the very least, the author should always acknowledge the feedback with thanks, even if it didn’t resonate with them.


I agree with the overly harsh comments. The ones just tearing apart a character for a decision or a thought.


Yeah exactly


Comments at the very beginning of a story that criticize characters or plot without even reading far enough in to see development in either of those. Give it a few chapters :joy:


Leaving a short comment that is vague, kinda repetitive. “Good job!” immediately followed by “Check out my story Bob The Builder!”


Ugh, I know!! They get to chapter 8 and decide that there is no development. Chapter 8 isn’t even scraping the surface in a story with forty chapters. :woman_facepalming:t2:

  • Comments that call your character the opposite gender it is

  • Comments that tell you you’re doing some wrong when you’re not

  • Comments that say you need to change a book/character name because its not catchy enough

  • Comments that say you did something wrong but don’t say what it is


Lmao, the robot spammers. Gotta love them. Thanks for the compliment, but please no advertising. I beg you :joy:


All of those are so true! If you want me to fix something, tell me what I’m doing wrong. Also telling someone to fix the title is uncalled for because the author obviously chose it for a reason. I feel like the titles are the hardest part.


More geared toward those feedback type of comments when you’re doing read for reads:

“Great job! SO-so great world building vague vague vague, I like it.”

… that’s all you got from like ten thousand words or so?


Unless the title is one of those awful ones, The Billionaire Got Me Pregnant!

Now I know the entire plot from reading that.


Lmao, there better be more to the story than just getting pregnant then :joy:


Oh a BIG one for me, and I’m not sure if other people outside of our little area experience this, are comments telling people they can’t use a name, an inspiration pic, a small plot detail, etc. because another (usually more popular) writer did.

“You totally stole that name from XXXX”
“The scene where someone cooks a turkey is IDENTICAL to XXXX’s scene where someone also cooks a turkey”
“That picture is not your character, it’s XXXX’s character!”

I’ve seen so many accusations like this, and it’s no where near copying or plagiarism :confused: