Comment section pet peeves?



Well, usually I can tell pretty easily that he is also toxic, rude, arrogant, and growls a lot with those titles.

Most of them are all the same character.


Exactly. Like, if you’re going to type that out you might as well take the extra time to say what it is. And titles are so hard because you never really know what might catch readers attention or if it fit the book if its still on going.


I always am nearly finished writing my book before I ever pick a fitting title. Though many pick out titles before they’ve written a word.


My original title was Butterflies and Hurricanes. But reading that, no one would have any idea what my book was about. It did have a meaning though, but I decided against it.


@LailaLiliana People have to learn that writers don’t own genres or names or stuff like that. And just because one writer did it does not mean they were the first one to either. It has to be something really unique to the book for it to be considered copying.
@witchoria I have to have the plot outlined before I pick the title.


I dont plan so i pick a title amd then write. Its eaiser for me that way and if I dont like the title Ill change it.


Aww, that’s a sweet title though.


My current romance title is based on a backstreet boy song, and if you listened to lyrics, you’d get the meaning if reading the book.


Ooo, I’ll add it to my library. What’s the title?


As Long As You Love Me


I really love comments - but I lowkey hate the ones that demand I change the story for them. Like dude nah, the story is already done.


I’ve gotten a lot of these. For the most part I just laugh them off because I know that most are either coincidental or I’ve never even heard of the person they’re talking about. But my favorite one was being accused of stealing from Teen Wolf because the triskelion symbol features prominently in one of my books and I guess Teen Wolf uses the same symbol or something. I had no idea what they were talking about 'cause I hadn’t seen Teen Wolf outside of the original 80s movies. And then another time someone asked me why I had a fidget spinner on my cover. That one had me rolling.

On topic of the whole thread, I try not to get too annoyed at comments anymore because at least people are taking time to comment. But for a while there I did get annoyed at typo comments because the highlight feature on the app didn’t show on the web for the longest time. So I would literally get a comment like *have and nothing else. No context, no telling me it’s a typo they found, just a single word. Those drove me up the wall.


I’ll never for the life of me understand those comments. What do they expect to happen after the story is complete? The plot has already been sorted :joy:


as writers we all like comments. but i really dislike the kind like “good job, update soon!” sure, good job but can you at least tell me which part is good or which part did you enjoy the most? there’s like no context, i’d rather not receive comments tbh AHAHA


Oo, I know what you mean especially since I use the web version a lot. I would have to go searching for the typos.


I also mention that I finish my stories offline. And for real, most of the time it’s not even about the plot. They just want me to write their ships into the books and most of the time it’s between two straight male characters and like… Seriously? You have gay MCs being gay and you want me to make the very few straight characters gay too? Nah.


All I ever use is the web version so it drove me so unbelievably batty. Now I don’t mind I just ignore them because I’m actually okay with my wattpad drafts having typos and know that with actual editing I’ll catch a lot of them. I’ve been plagiarized before so at least I know if someone is going to steal, they’re going to get my typo filled pile of dreck ROFL


I really don’t like the update comments just a few hours after I updated, lmao. I spent so much time writing and all I get is a request for more? Flattering but exhausting. :joy::joy:


It’s funny. Some people want diversity, but when there is diversity, they want to change it :joy:


Also, the requests for mpreg is getting weird :joy: I DON’T WRITE THAT KIND OF STUFF

(mpreg is male pregnancy)