Comment section pet peeves?



Haha yes, Teen Wolf uses that symbol a lot, but they didn’t create it. How silly. I don’t mind if a couple of people are talking politely about how a writer uses the same name or a similar detail, but I’ve seen people be attacked and accused of plagiarism over it.


LMAO, once when I was plagiarized, the girl copied my author’s note and there was a huge typo in there but she kept it. Even though I was pissed, that amused me :joy::joy:


When people ask for things to be changed or promote their own stories. Ugh. I hate it when people promote their own stories.


@LailaLiliana People just need to realize that similarities =/= plagiarism. Lots of people have similar concepts and other things.

@PebbleQueen That happened with my plagiarist too. They copied all my authors notes AND the text for FictionPresses share button. Once I got my books removed I was able to laugh about that concept but when it was happening it sucked.


Absolutely! There are places meant for promoting but the comment section of another writer’s book is not it.


Remember when I was plagiarized and I had only been here for like two months? :roll_eyes:


It was awful :woman_facepalming:t2::confounded:


Don’t even start me on plagiarisim XD


Ha let’s hear it! Maybe we need a thread about our experiences with plagiarism!


Yess! I can live with inbox requests but the comment section is for me to interact with my readers.


For. Real.

“Hey if you like this story, read mine!”

Hey, if you like this story don’t promote your own on it, maybe???


I’ve been plagiarized four times on here. The thing that keeps me going is that I still have control at the end of the situation.


As a writer, I am constantly annoyed by short, vague comments. I appreciate all feedback, even if it’s a simple “I love this,” but I’m honestly wondering what’s inside your brain. Why do you love it? What do you love about it? Is there anything you don’t love? GIVE. ME. YOUR. THOUGHTS.

Seriously… 'cause it doesn’t help me as a writer. :rofl:

As a reader, I’m annoyed at people trying to start drama. Specifically those who bash other readers because you gave the writer a critique. I once gave a critique where I went through the story and pointed out all the grammar and punctuation flaws (because, you know, it’s useless when you say “There’s a few errors, but those can be fixed in a jiffy!” because the writer has no idea where those errors are!) and a reader comments back saying, “You shouldn’t do that because it will annoy the reader. I know it would to me.” Like okay, whatever. But uh, this isn’t your story? And how do you know what the writer wants or doesn’t want? And even if it’s annoying, it can be very helpful. :unamused::woman_shrugging:


I usually like most comments, but I find it quite annoying when people comment references to songs or anything else that’s not even there to be found. Since I write fanfic, and my older stuff was about bandmembers, it used to happen constantly.

Also comments telling me to update again straight after I’ve just updated. Or comments saying that I’ve copied something completely from another book. That’s happened a couple time with one of my books, where there was only small similarities in the first few chapters compared to another book on here written by a friend of mine.

People commenting just to hate on the content of my stuff, especially when it comes to my books with mpreg on them. Like, if they don’t like it, then just don’t read. My stuff is clearly labelled if they’ve got mpreg in them.

Comments where people come in just to advertise their own work are annoying and just plain rude.

Also, people commenting constructive criticism when I don’t even ask for it is a little annoying too, but not as much as the others listed. It’s mostly when they’re rather negative about it.


YES! Honestly, if you’re gonna ask people to read it, might as well do a better job of advertising it :upside_down_face:


I haven’t had many - but for a while a lot of contests/awards would promote themselves on my board. Like??? Can you not though???


Advertise how? How would someone even bring up something like that? 0.o


I really appreciate those comments because it makes editing easier for me. Sometimes it’s better not to speak on the behalf on the author unless you’ve seen the writer say it before


Everything you said! :clap:t4:


@LailaLiliana The Masked Singer was stolen and put on Episodes. I spent a year trying to have it removed (nobody ever answered an email) and so when Episodes asked to use one of my stories I FINALLY had the story removed. What upset me the most was that the story was destroyed. If you’re gonna steal a story, please make it better XD

Someone on Instagram took chunks of Baby Steps and swapped Blake’s name for Josh which is my boyfriend’s brother’s name. Gross.

When Baby Steps was in it’s peek, I was submitting copyright claims twice a week for a couple of weeks.

I remember this one rude person who, of course, didn’t see anything wrong with it and kept re-posting my stories but started changing small details like names and locations.

@PebbleQueen It brings out my crazy side when it happens. And that’s true, Wattpad is really good when it comes to removing plagiarised work!