Comment section pet peeves?



I write the occasional mpreg story, but I used to always get people commenting on my stories that don’t have any mpreg whatsoever to add mpreg in it cause the story would supposedly be better with it.


Like all the props for people who write what they want, but… I don’t write mpreg. I don’t even know where they get the idea that I do :joy:


Were you entered in contests? Maybe that’s why? I noticed I get random waves like one week heaps of promo, next week, heaps of people asking if I’m single XD


No that was at least 6 months after I had stopped competing in awards :joy: That’s why I was so confused. Like why are you guys doing this???

Ohhhh the creeps. It’s been a while for me. I’m hoping it stays that way :crossed_fingers:


Oh my god, that is so frustrating! What is going through these peoples’ heads?! Have you heard about some woman who’s notorious here (apparently) for stealing stories and somehow managing to publish them on Amazon? I know two writers who had it done to them.

When I was just a wee Wattpad baby, a young girl (16 or 17 I believe?) stole my poems. It was nuts because I was brand new with no followers really, but I guess that’s why she thought she could get away with it. Another person told me and I politely asked that girl to remove them. She wouldn’t so I contacted an ambassador about the next steps.

She finally took them down when I threatened to fill out the copyright infringement form, but then her and her followers began harassing me and telling me to kill myself.


Okay, I have no idea XD Were they at least applicable? The last few contests that were advertised to me, your story had to be under 5k reads, idk what book they thought I was going to enter.




Sure is! I’m so glad I have dedicated readers because now they can help me spot plagiarism.

I’ve heard bits and pieces, but I don’t know the full story. I’ve been under a rock for a wee bit, ops.

Now that’s disgusting behaviour. Some people, hm, I don’t wanna know what goes through their head. You should have :o Then Wattpad can know about their shitty behaviour.


At please there’s a please :stuck_out_tongue:


I find it annoying how I sometimes comment “What a great first chapter!” after reading the first chapter of any Wattpad Story. lol.


They weren’t :joy:

One was a Romance only award and the other was for undiscovered authors with less than 10k reads. Sorry guys, but uh… Neither are applicable here :grimacing:


Yikes! Some people really need to work on their promo game, ay.


Aye. My board is defo not a good spot to do it - just for anyone reading this :joy:


Where do you find all these contests and awards (other than Wattys)? I’ve only seen the Fiction Awards.


I’ve had a user start cussing angrily after reading (which wattpad then tagged as having possibly inappropriate content) and I think it did hurt my feelings a bit. :sob:


I used the search engine and just typed in “Awards” - if you find one, you find a whoooole bunch.

The Chaos Awards is a good one. It’s held twice a year, so I’d definitely look that one up.


It’s an automatic system. Some reads can be so passionate when reading XD


I really dislike comments that are just Emojis. I need a translator for them. XD


Yeah, I’m not used to readers cussing in critiques I guess, even if they’re upset at my story. I was surprised. :sweat:


Yeah, I don’t like that either. I’m surprised by some of the words the auto filter doesn’t catch. :confused: