Comment section pet peeves?



I prefer constructive criticism for sure, but bashing is just…:sob:


Character or actual story, I’m confused XD


Sorry, I was referring to comment section stuff here! In this case, critiques I received that I found a bit harsh (due to them disappointed with the piece; the cussing in caps is what got me, I don’t mind constructive level headed criticism though, especially if there needs to be fixes!!)


Sorry, I instantly thought it was characters :upside_down_face: my readers do it sooo much, heaps in the last chapter (for kinda good reason) and so my mind went there. It’s not okay for people to cuss at you, so wrong!!


He later said he didn’t mean to offend me, he just gets passionate. But yeah it still stings a bit, was my first reader to all out rage after finishing. :sob:


I’m glad there was an apology, not that it excuses their behaviour. Thank you, next, seems like it’s in order! Have you had better readers since, though?


Yeah, I think so! And I can understand why he was upset, as the story has a lot that requires readers to read twice to catch certain hints. I’ve gotten many critiques that came back and said they didn’t see many of the clues until reading it a second time. I either need to work on making them more obvious…or keep it as it is so that the reader can unravel the mystery on his/her own. I definitely intend to add more evidence for my reader to find in my new draft. :v::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What’s also annoying is when they say “GREAT CHAPTER!” and just drop off the face of the earth. It’s like thanks… are you ever going to continue reading it? XD


I also hate when you agree to exchange feedback, and you leave like 30 paragraphs and they leave “Wow it’s so good, keep it up.”

THANKS…b-but…that doesn’t help me! :sob:


No comments. My stories get lonely. :pensive:


You never want it too obvious! Half the reason I’m obsessed with twenty one pilots, is because every time I re-watch one of their music videos, I see another clue and it keeps me intrigued.


They’ll probably pop up at the end XD


True. But the conflict I face now is that it might hard for readers to draw conclusions. More people say they didn’t understand, than come forth saying they did. :confounded: I feel like it’s my own fault, execution wise.


That’s the hard thing! It’s like when you look at reviews, more people are inclined to say something when they don’t like it which can be a head spinner when you are contemplating these things. Maybe get some more feedback first?


I think I already have looooooads of feedback, which is why I’ve come to the conclusion my execution could be bad. It’s posted not only on wattp, but tons of other critique sites. I swear it seems like only 30% pick up what happened. :rofl:


This one gets me every time :joy:


At least it’s a kind comment, and hey, if you mean it, that’s all that matters :blush:


Some just get a little too into it. Especially when they start cursing the author and stuff :woman_facepalming:t2:


Haha, I’m usually okay with those comments as long as I see what section they’re commenting on.


Aww, love. Try promoting it in some of the read for a read books! I hear those really help :heart: