Comment Spam Book Club [PLEASE CLOSE]

«a king is incomplete without his queen»

Denied, sorry!


Thank you

This is honestly such an amazing idea, I’m feeling inspired to make one similar to this, I’d give credit for the idea ofc, may I :see_no_evil: :bluehearts:

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Title: Ultraviolet
Genre: Romance
Blurb: What happens when two girls fall for the same guy?
An improbable friendship with the daughter of a wealthy real estate scion introduced NYU student Violet Wright to a world she couldn’t have imagined: palatial Manhattan apartments, elite cocktail parties, designer duds. But on the eve of her twenty-second birthday, a chance encounter with a handsome stranger threatens to derail her entire life, just as it’s starting to take shape.

Quick question, will this contain explicit sexual scenes?

I’m not the original creator of this but thanks for the compliment.

Hi @LuliWrites – At this point (through Chapter 5) there’s no explicit content. (Some profanity, but the “sexual” content is pretty tame.) While I certainly intend for things to get steamier, I haven’t quite decided how far I want to push it…

If there will be, I don’t think this would be the right book club for you. It’s a little difficult to provide comments to things like that.

However, there may be another book club that would tailor to your book. I recommend stopping by the Romance Addicts book club and dropping your book there. I think it would be very beneficial to you.

Thanks for applying though :slight_smile:

All good. Thanks for the tip!! :grinning:

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No problem, good luck if you end up applying to that book club!

Oh my gosh, yes! I love comment spams!

Title: 12:01

Genre: Teen Fiction

Blurb: Every night for three months, at 12:01 Addison is held captive by her own mind, hoping for an escape of fear. That is, until she meets the boy next door Daniel, and realizes that sometimes, you don’t have to go through your struggles alone.



Accepted, please complete the first assignment~

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Thank you! also is it possible to submit another story later on or how does it work?

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I might struggle a bit with this haha. Can I possibly extend mine to 30th?

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Yes, of course ^^

If we get to the point where there are no more current chapters or we finish the book, you’re more than welcome to submit a new one if you’d like to continue :smiley:

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Awesome! Thank you :heart:

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No problem! If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask :smiley:

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I want to try this out, despite my fear of commitments. :joy:

Title– Masquerade
Genre– Romance/Thriller/Action
Blurb–What does a student-assistant to a psychologist in America, a multinational conglomerate’s CEO in England, foreign intelligence agencies and terror organisations of the entire world have in common? The inevitable tendency of deception.

The ball of crime and lies and revenge begins, the attendants have donned their masks and are ready to dance. In the mysterious dark of the past and the sweet melodies of emotions, what will the stroke of night reveal? Will all those, that are involved, crush under the crumbling towers of powers and obsession, or see the daylight as they escape the dance of destruction? An unending night of truth and charade, will anybody ever wonder who organised this game of masquerade?

And here’s the link to the book! Thank you so much if I’m accepted. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Title: His Fragile Flame
Genre: Teen Fiction

A seventeen-year-old teenager, Araulla Jones ran from her family feeling the emptiness as she hides behind the shadow of her brother, Hansel. Her mother’s desire to disown her led her in confusion of her true identity and made her search for a purpose. Since her dad left the country to run from the accusation that was cast against him, her uncle took the opportunity to have a deal with Araulla about a messy job he has to offer. The eagerness of her to show how worthy she is had driven her to work with William in the most dangerous way that everyone she loves will be put to a great depth. Now it’s up to her to make up with her bad decisions as she deals with more drama in her life. Where can invulnerability lead her? Or is it just an illusion for her fragility?

Since Araulla became a new student in Kingsley High, she seems to catch more attention than what she expected. Putting her in unwanted drama and messing up her whole school experience for getting blackmailed by Kourtney Devaraux. She fell into a trap of the most dangerous hunter in Kingsley causing her to be snared by Kourtney’s selfish schemes. When Araulla was ordered to make Daniel fall for her, she caught herself in a middle of complicated situation finding herself falling for the boy-next-door, Joviel. From all the family problem she’s facing and a teenage drama queen to deal with, how can she handle all the burden that weighted more than the world?