Comment Spam Club [3 SPOTS LEFT]



Hey guys! Rhetorical question for you: Who doesn’t love comment spam? Answer: Nobody! Nobody doesn’t love comment spam (don’t judge my double negatives, it’s 4 a.m. and I may or may not be delirious)

So since everybody loves getting lots of comments and in-line feedback for their story, why not give Team Comment Spam a try?


Team Comment Spam will be composed of 25 members, each with one chapter they want to submit for the spam. Chapters will be chosen in random order, and team members given 48 hours to comment at least 5 times on the chapter in question.

Now, I know this seems really daunting at first, but think about it. You are not going to be responsible for giving some in-depth analysis or 12 paragraph long summary of your thoughts. Heck, your comments can be composed of “HAHAHA SHE SLAYS ME”. That’s still feedback. You’re given 48 hours for a job that takes, maybe 10 minutes: read the chapter, leave your thoughts as you go. Whether you want to point out in-line grammar errors, plot holes, and cliches, or just focus on the positive aspects and what you like, it’s up to you. So long as you do it within the 48 hour window and leave 5 comments, you’re good .

And what do you get from it? 25 people leaving at least 5 comments each on a chapter of your work. Minimum, that’s 125 comments (if there are absences, I will make up for the missed comments). That’s going to show up in activity feeds, it’s going to boost your rankings, and it’s going to give you a lot of thoughts from different kinds of readers. All you have to do is make sure you’re able to spare 10-20 minutes here every other day. See? It really isn’t that much.


-Erotica, Fanfiction, and Spiritual not allowed. Reasons being a lot of people are uncomfortable or ill equipped to read those genres

-Exceptions and extensions are allowed if you’re not able to read a story or just can’t do it within the time frame. However, unless you have a really good reason (power outage, death of a family member, computer run over by an elephant rampage) you have to let me know beforehand or you will be booted and blacklisted .

-Before the comment spam on team member chapters begins, there will be a qualifying round of comment spam on a chapter of my choosing. This is to discourage people whose books are chosen first from taking the comment spam and splitting. So if there are any of you thinking of taking advantage of this, you can leave now. Everyone will be required to participate in a comment spam before their book will be added.

-I will be posting a 48 timer here on this page and tagging everyone with each round of comment spam. Unless you miss it by, like, 2 minutes, have received an extension, or have a really really good reason, late comments will not be accepted. Not to be mean, but five minutes turns into ten minutes turns into thirty minutes turns into an hour… it’s a snowball, people.

-And finally, proof of comments is required. You can screenshot them and upload or link to your comments, but you have to bring something to this thread to prove that you commented at least 5 times.

I will be moderating Team Comment Spam, and I will be checking to make sure these rules are followed. I’m an understanding person, so if for some reason you can’t follow them or if you have any questions, feel free to ask below or PM me. If you’re good with everything, fill out the form and you will be added to the list. Comment spam will begin when all 25 spots are filled!



Chapter you want comments on:

Link to chapter:

Anything else:








Username: Vexful

Chapter you want comments on: PROLOGUE

Link to chapter: boop

Anything else: (I think this is a great idea!)



Accepted! :slight_smile:


Username: AIOMAS

Chapter you want comments on: Chapter 1 of Sparks Collide

Link to chapter:

Anything else: I think this sounds like a really interesting idea!


Accepted! =D


Yay! Thank you :slight_smile: So what should I do now?


I’ll tag you when we have enough people to start Round 1 =)


Sounds great :slight_smile:






Username: @girlonstage11

Chapter you want comments on: Chapter One: New Neighbors (from Plays, Prom & Prejudice)

Link to chapter: Chapter One: New Neighbors

Anything else: This sounds super awesome!


username: @hankshins
Chapter: Chapter Six (Called Opal Lake)
pls comment with care


Accepted! You will be tagged when we have 25 members :slight_smile:


Accepted! You will be tagged when we have 25 members :smiley:



Username: @Timelord_From_Erebor

Chapter you want comments on: The Colour Of My Past (Chapter 1 out of 1 in The Colour Of My Past)

Link to chapter:

Anything else: This is an amazing idea! Good on you for doing this :smile:



Do we need to send proof for ALL of the comments here? Great idea btw :slight_smile:


this sounds fun!


Username: @averysummers

Chapter you want comments on: the revised chapter 1 of 12:01 of course haha!

Link to chapter: here

Anything else: well the revised chapter, possibly. thank you!