Comment Spam Club [3 SPOTS LEFT]



(So sorry for my late response!) If you’re sending a link, you could just send the link to one of your comments. If you’re doing a screenshot, yes, you do need to screenshot all of the comments, but you should be able to get multiple comments in at a time


Accepted! I’m glad you’re excited, I am too :smile: You will be tagged when we have 25 members =)


Accepted! I’ll tag you when we have 25 members


Accepted! I will tag you when we have 25 members


Accepted! You’ll be tagged when we have 25 members :slight_smile:


How many do we have now?


8 :smiley: Which leaves 17 spots open, so if you know anyone who’s interested, tag a friend


@DaisyDoesNothing @AWFrasier @ShinomiyaDR @TheHermit_Crab - any of you interested in this?


I’d love this but neither of my WP drafts are reflective of their current forms. :sweat_smile:


Oh okay, maybe when they’ve been updated then. :slight_smile:


Chapter 1
Cool concept


@CloverSeason @AuthenticFINN

Are you guys interested in this?






I’m on the last stretch of my degree before graduating. So, can’t :frowning:

Also, I’m not sure I’m getting the point of just getting a bunch of comments from random people who might not even like the book, they’re reading?


Well, I’ve just been in a lot of book clubs with books I didn’t like and then had to write an in-depth analysis of everything that was wrong with it, and got zero helpful feedback in return. So I figured, if you’re not getting useful feedback out of book clubs anyways, wouldn’t it be better to not get useful feedback and boost your rankings to hep more people discover your writing? I mean, it’s the same concept as a book club, except it’s focused on exposure. If it’s not what you’re looking for, I understand xP But I figured there were people who, like me, would rather put their time and effort into getting 125 (potentially unhelpful) comments than 10


Accepted! I’ll tag you when we have 25 members :smiley:


Oh right. I guess I just never entered a book club for anything but the feedback aspect. :woman_shrugging:

Anyways, good luck!


Thanks! Good luck with getting your degree :smiley:


Thanks :smile: