Complete The song

Dear Friends
Lets complete this song.

“I found my love today
And what a gift to say…”

But is was a fateful day
You took me into a spiral of torment
All of which you meant
But I still loved you
But Sadly we are through
You made me suffer
there was no buffer
when I hit rock bottom

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Bright as a ray
I found a rose bouquet
And bought a horse-drawn sleigh
I had to pray
Hopefully they would stay
My love made nothing grey
This sounds cliche
I run every roadway
To be in your ballet
Don’t go away
That is all I can say
For I found love Today

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I got it on ebay
Cuz I just knew you’d love
A lobster.


Funny one


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I saw her held a gun,
Does this mean that I’m done?

I hid behind the tree,
Why is she after me?

She found out I was bad,
Stole booze from her old dad.

And yes, I drank it all,
Crashed her car into a wall.

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Cool :sunglasses:

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I tried… :sunglasses:

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