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Cool, it’s a crossover between Danny Phantom and Star vs the Forces of Evil. I can give you a link to it if you like. Although, I think that it is fine, the only problem I have with it is the ending.


Intriguing. Accepted. I’ll begin as soon as I can.


Sure, please use the form I’ve provided above, or similar. I’d like to get a bit more of an idea of what I’ll be reading, so I can accurately decide if I feel I can give you the best possible feedback I can offer before accepting :slight_smile: Also, no need to complete payment until it’s accepted. I need to update that above.


Title: Vermilion
Genre: Vampire

Melissa Barton is a donor to Vermilion Inc - a company that collects blood for the vampire elite. Her blood is delicious, and it results as one of the vampires buying her directly so he can feed from his source.

Melissa is an orphan, like so many on Earth in the year 2134. One day, however, she learns of her roots. She discovers her family is not from Earth, but instead, they are from the realm where vampires originate. Traveling between realms is dangerous, complicated, and only done with an exception. But there is a chance for Melissa to cross to Empirium, as the vampire hunters are on the rise and are willing to help her. If she can perform a nearly impossible task for the hunters, then she can travel to the realm of dark magic where her family awaits.

As she seeks out this goal, a complication arises. Her purchaser is the mysterious Henry Tallmer - a member of an elite vampire family. He is handsome, cold, and shrewd, and Melissa is sorely fascinated with him. She has to find a way to accomplish her task without Henry knowing, as he won’t let go of his blood source so easily.

Nothing is ever easy, of course. Especially when Melissa learns that she likes when he feeds from her…


Option: option 1

Payment Completed?: I have done the follow, and if you accept my story, then I will read your first chapter :slight_smile: My story is a romance, but the first chapter has zero romance in it and established the fantasy elements of the plot. Since you like fantasy, I thought this could work!


Your synopsis has some interesting concepts. I accept.




Done with payment!


Awesome, I’ll get to your story ASAP.


Thanks! :smiley:


Title: Danny Phantom vs the Forces of Evil
Genre: Fanfiction
Synopsis: What if instead of Echo Creak, Star went to Amity Park instead? What if Star meets Danny, Sam and Tucker and has to live under the same roof as our favorite half ghost hero? Will they get along or will things go down hill? (Basically follows the story line of Danny Phantom and Star vs the Forces of Evil with my own twist.)
Option: 1




Thank you.


Title: Breaking Black
Genre: Crime Thriller
Synopsis: Since his stint with the government’s top-secret Delta Force, Agent Black has become a valuable agent for the FBI and has solved every case thrown at him. When his longtime partner resigns and the double homicide of 16-year old twins lands on his desk with no leads that task becomes much more challenging. His new partner, Lexi Stone, is fresh from the academy. Her keen eye for detail matched with no experience in the field leaves Agent Black struggling to adjust to his new role as a mentor. A hard-won break in the case reveals a new, sinister turn. Will Agent Black and Agent Stone be able to work out their new partnership in time to catch the elusive killer, or will personal secrets and mounting tension make this the last case Agent Black ever works?
Option: Option 3
Payment Completed?: I will start upon acceptance. Thanks for your time whether you accept or deny.


Title: Merry Mondays
Genre: Merry Mondays
Synopsis: In which Elin Kara happens to walk in at the exact moment that Dane Thomas jumps off a roof. When she’s forced to take a therapy sessions with the school’s counselor alongside a blond boy with heterochromia, she’s faced with the prospect of talking about the one thing she hates the most - feelings. Storming out, Elin doesn’t look back on the incident, not even after graduation. Not until, five years later when she takes up a job at the NYPD.
Link: htt ps://www. wattpad.c om/686467113-merry-mondays-foreword
Option: 3


Accepted. How many chapters would you like to start with, and how many would you like to do overall?


Thank you. Does 5 sound good to start with? We can do more if we both enjoy the feedback.


Works for me. I’ll try my best to keep pace with you (you read and comment, I read and comment). Sound good?


Accepted. How many chapters would you like to start with?


Sounds good. I have some reading to do for my book club but as soon as I get that done, I’ll start on your work (:


No problem, whenever you get around to it :slight_smile: