Comprehensive feedback! All slots filled currently!!!!!



I’ve completed your feedback. Hope it helps!


I’ve completed your feed back. Hope it helps!


The first five would be good :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to reading your work


Sounds good to me. Let me know if you want to continue after those first five. I look forward to working with you and will try and keep pace with you (you read, i read as stated above).


I’ve posted your feedback. Hope it helps!


I’ve went through the prologue which is short and chapter one of your novel which is very long. Lol. I’ll do more later but just wanted to let you know I started!


Title: The Shot
Genre: Mystery/Comedy
Synopsis: When a young man commits an atrocity for a reason unbeknownst to him, he must find out why he carried out the crime whilst evading the law and more importantly understand why none of the witnesses have come forward. A dark and comedic look into a subject not often seen in fiction.
Option: 3
Payment Completed? Yes, starting The Autumn Tree after I finish typing. Hopefully it should be good!


I’d like to post my novel but I have had enough feedback already on the 1st and 2nd chapters. Are you willing to have a look at 3 individual chapters?


Title: Masks
Genre: I’m thinking Psychological Horror/ Crime Thriller
Synopsis: Psychological horror exploring the mind of a character who has become completely unhinged when life throws her in a direction that she never saw coming. A loss too much for her brain to bare starts to blur her hold on reality. The lines between reality and delusion are sometimes thinner than they appear.
Note This is a SUPER rough draft and I’m kind of just wondering if it’s an interesting concept to anyone. Link: www.w a t tpad. com/st o ry/ 175948154-masks (Sorry about the broken up link. I’m new to Wattpad and am locked down on links :sweat_smile:
Option: Option 2
Payment Completed? Will follow now and will starting reading The Autumn Tree shortly!


Accepted. You said you wanted a total of 4 chapters, or start with 4?


Yeah, you’re more than welcome to use option 3 for as many chapters as you’d like. were you looking specifically for chapter three?


I get that. If you look at the community rules, it will unlock link sharing for you. Also, you’re accepted.


A total of 4 as its a short story with only 4 chapters in total