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Hi, my name is Princess if you dont know me! I’m not a pro but I know what you could probably like! If you dont like my covers…thats fine…but if you do! thank you.

I have only done 2 covers for people and they both are satisfied with it!



Author Name/ Nickname:
Subtitle or important quote:
Overall mood:
Images (optional):
Font mood:

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I saw that you guys got rejected on another thread for covers and if you guys need someone to do your cover you can count on me… I know how it feels to be rejected…it sucks

On man that sounded a little corny but anyways I hope I get to work on your cover. :slight_smile:

@kkimberlyn @sweetstory1122

Forgot about you guys I saw that you got regected in a thread and just wsnted to take you guys in my little workshop.


delivered :airplane:


WESTWARD! All-Star%20Player%20(1) The%20Bad%20Boy%20(2) Finally%20Found%20Love ljhvh%20(5) REMEMBER%20ME%20AS%20A%20TIME%20OF%20DAY%20(3) TO%20CAPTURE! The%20sluts%20guide%20to%20High%20school%20(1) Fate%20(2)strut%20(2) strut%20(3) Hello%2C%20Goodbye%20(5) 365 To%20Capture






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Title: Westward
Author Name/ Nickname: amoenitas
Subtitle or important quote:
Summary:A war trial of the gods. An introduction to an American post-apocalyptic landscape, beginning with the defense titled “A Long Fall From Olympus.” Showing how far the country has fallen from its classical roots while also hinting at how Hera threw her child off Mt. Olympus…

The war criminal is Reika. A young woman who’s journey to find her mother has led her to the center of Argos. A city-state under the god of war’s domain. The surrounding city is populated by warriors of some repute. The center-- heroes. The only requirement she didn’t meet for admittance was she is a she. In order to prove herself worthy she needed to complete a labor under the guise of a man.
Overall mood: Gloomy. Dark. Apocalyptic.
Images (optional):
Font mood: There’s a cover titled apocalypse that has a style I like.
Other: What’s the payment?

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Scroll up to see the payment options!

Hi! I hope you are interested!
Title: For All of Mustard Kind!
Author Name/ Nickname: Chloe Xu
Subtitle or important quote: None
In a land called Kitchen, we come across our hero: a mild-mannered pack of Mustard.

You experience the ups and downs of the decisions you make as you attempt to escape a Being who wants nothing more than to smear your contents on a juicy hot dog. In a whimsical and touching tale, readers might just develop sympathy for something as small as a mustard package.

Overall mood: Cheerful, light, casual, comfortable
Images (optional): None
Font mood: Bubbly, optimistic
Other: None

Thank you for considering me! :blush::joy_cat:

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Umm so I should give you my current cover? Or…?

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what ever you want!

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I had to go see your profile to see if it was a true story :joy: but ill try

the one i posted?

Thank you.

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your welcome! thank you for trusting me too make your cover!

Tittle- To Capture A heart.
Name- Vidisha Shetty
Summary- Veronica is just a regular girl. A girl with big dreams for a perfect future. A girl who craved finding true love and not just the idea of it. A girl with friends who were family to her. A girl who had nothing special to tell you about her life, until now…
When life takes her into a much-awaited path of - Love, Friendship, and Self-discovery, join her as she wades through all the family drama, internal conflicts, and confusions that comes with growing up, discovering your passion and falling in love.
Watch her, her friends and the one true love of her life stand broad-shouldered next to each other as each of them find their own way out through all the problems life throws their way.

Her story is no fairy tale but is surely a heartwarming one.

Overall mood- coming of age story, with a lot of focus on love and Friendship. Fun and adventurous.

Font- you be the best judge for that :slight_smile:

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I get to working with yours!

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Erm… it isn’t a novel. :sweat_smile: And the mustard is in a package. Sorry I didn’t include these details!
Also, can you make the title larger?

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Yes I can!

Umm okay… so do you want me to show you some picks that maybe I can use? for the mustard?

and sorry about the novel part!

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No problem! Thank you for seeing my comment!
And yes, I’d love to see some picks that you would use. :smiley:

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