Confessions Anonymous!!



I have seen few confession threads on Wattpad, but never an Anonymous Confession! So here, I am making one >.>
It’s simple, click the link I provided and post your confessions! I will be posting those confessions from there to this thread! So it is 100% anonymous, and no one knows who posted it, Not even me!
Link -->
just post your confessions to that link and it will appear here~

I have made a book ‘Confessions Anonymous’ for this, where all your confessions will be recorded! So you can find them there anytime.
Moreover, mature and over-sexual confessions are accepted as well :smiling_imp: but they won’t be posted on this thread, you will have to check the book for those confessions, as this thread would be PG 13

Also, I own many confession pages from many sites, so confessions from those pages too will be present in my book. However, here, on this thread, only Wattpad user’s confessions will be posted ^^
Feel free to comment on any confession :V It’s all for fun~
I will try my best to update this thread daily ;-;

I am tagging everyone whom I have interacted so far in this site, sorry if I forget some names~
But anyone and everyone who wants to confess anonymously or read those confessions are invited here :slight_smile:
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What will I do with all these anonymous confessions? I will feed them to deep web and create an AI out of it bwahaha! (joke)

Tag anyone you feel like to this thread >.>
Spread the word! More confessions the merrier, just don’t make me overwork ;-;

After every 100 confessions, I will be posting the top 10 confessions of that set !_!




Ofcourse you would be >.>


I already have the 1st confession 0_0

Some of the covers are Terrible but the books are great


when i was 8 i stole a kinder egg and when i got caught i ate it


I feel for the kid you stole from ;-;


Never tried them.

I’m a US resident. Never in my life have I tried it.


Same here, never tried them~


Or else I’ll punish you, Kaleth

Or else I'll punish you, Kaleth

Hey there :slight_smile:

I suggest that you edit the ‘Wattys’ from your post since it would confuse others. The name Watty’s are owned and trademarked by Wattpad-


Ohh shoot >.>
Thankyou for saying this! I will do it ASAP~


I never knew that, but it makes sense.


Cya later I’ve got to go to school.






Please do not use WP since all of us know that WP means Wattpad. How about something on the lines of ‘Confessions Anonymous’ ? :slight_smile:


Ohh cool XD


WOT! You guys (@LaughingMan109) have never had KINDER SURPRISE EGGS OR JUST KINDER IN GENERAL!!!


Haha XD
I was in mid teens when that was introduced in my country~
Can’t really help it :stuck_out_tongue:


#AnonymousConfessions 4:
I think I just killed my mums fish… I legit just tipped a bunch of food on them… RIPRIPRIP