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In a galaxy far far away, Mother Nature was gifted the power to bless and create by space. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and a curse, in this case. It was said, that in her creation, the solar system of Eden, there would be a beautiful descendent that would turn into a sinning snake. Who that was to be, she had no idea but regardless of the warnings, she enjoyed the grace that came with her prowess.

(Cut to now)

So the moon was dusty and dimpled; dimly lit with a shimmering, ghostly light that could be traced back to the ever so dented sun. It was a decrepit, desolated place, destined to gather specks and flecks of ancient, forgotten particles and catch the emptiness of space. You are on the moon, in the dimension, yet when you look past it, you’re not. Physically, you’re still there, but mentally, your mind is elsewhere. It’s a state of artistic chaos, perfectly stagnant yet vibrant. It’s an insipid filter, shades of grey matter. I talked to the vampire cats, and legend goes that the moon was once a beautiful girl with silvery white hair and chilling blue grey eyes. The stars and distant galaxies looked on at Mother Nature’s daughter with pride and loving gazes and named her Luna. A true goddess she was; her alluring essence commanding the room. Luna was a silent and fragile figure but also clear with beauty. But as she grew older, Luna grew more distant, her elegant gaze no longer twinkling with grace but with the calculating cruelness of a predator. Her eyes gleamed with satisfaction whenever a star near her burnt out, whenever a comet crashed. And though her beauty was boundless as space, as bountiful as stardust and as delicate as a blossom, her heart was concealed, her mind battling herself. Conflicted. Then, Mother Nature gave birth to two bubbly babies, a twin girl with marble blue eyes, dimpled cheeks and rolling lush green hair, along with a ‘golden boy’ named Solis, or Sun as he lent light and provided solace for the planets and gods. Then, Mother Nature knew that her job was done, and resigned to a deep sleep as she recharged her energy, for creating was a tiring business. Now back to the two lovely twins, each four years younger than Luna. The lovely girl, for her down to earth self, ‘vivace’ dances and homely, mischievous grins was known as Earth, or the home to beings and celestial creatures because she was always giving and kind. Earth sang of selfless treasures and galloping bottle green waves that reflected off her deep hazel-brown eyes and luscious, forest like roots of her hair. Earth gave love and care to all, but most of all, her sister Luna. Earth adored Luna and the same could be said for Luna. And that’s what everyone thought until one pitiful day tumbled into time. Luna, jealous of the attention her sister was receiving, poisoned one of her sister’s source of life and energy… the Sun, or in their ancient language, Solis. She injected ink (symbolising her sin) into Solis, turning him a wretched black and momentarily, there was an eclipse whilst Solis and Earth both withered in misery. Luna smirked, her grin etched onto her face, as she felt greed and jealousy consuming her. Her vision turned green, wavering as her conflicted self battled. And whilst the helpless cries of her sister and brother shattered her, they also fed the darker side of her, splitting her mind and consciousness. Guilt was slowly but surely securing her inside its noose of pain and misery. Meanwhile, Earth’s bubbliness was gone for you see, Earth and the Solis (son of Mother Nature) had a symbiotic relationship. Earth would preen off the rays from Solis and Solis would listen to Earth’s beautiful, lyrical voice as she sang of journeys, joyful memories and cheery tales. Solis often felt lonely as he was chained to his duty to serve the planets, and although he loved his job, he often felt isolated from the rest of his siblings. And so when Earth, Solis and Luna were choking and spluttering as they tried to batter death and guilt, Mother Nature came back from her dormancy. Mother Nature was foretold by Hermes, a prophet that one day something like this would occur and thus was ready. She healed Solis as much as she could, leaving only a few, black sun spots which you can still see today. For Earth, she slowly, but surely grew better, as her sullen, pale, cold cheeks gained back the vibrant colours they lost. However, there was a curse, a downside. Solis lost so much health that he was only expected to live for 10 billion years, or in space years, Solis only had 10 more years to live. Earth having gone through a time of coldness, and icy ages without a source of warmth and light, lost the dinosaurs and several other creatures. But Luna suffered the most. Mother Nature was distraught between finding justice for the losses of her other offspring and allowing her oldest, and previously dearest child to stay happy. But Luna’s good and kind side finally won over her bad side and pledged a pact. She told the guardians of the Milky Way to give her a hearing and a fair punishment. And so, they decided that Luna was to be banished from her position as a free roaming ‘planet’ or in other words ‘goddess’ and to take up the position of ‘moon’ and to serve her sister to whom she owed a great deal. Solis being the fiery and salty star he was (having lost some of his life) forgave her but declined the offer of having to see and be around her all the time. And so Earth, the oh so kind and generous goddess took pity on her sister, remembering her for who she truly was and took up the offer. And to this day, Luna is smaller than Earth and Solis, more dim and silent- paying her price eternally as we see the bright and good side of her and she tries to hide her dark side, as we know it… the dark side of the moon. And this story would be a tragedy, but it is said that there is a promise! That one day, all the beings will come together in the big crunch, and be reborn into something greater.

Personally, I think it’s kinda sad that Luna was the ‘destined’ snake… or was it destiny? It could have been anyone, but her thread of life turned and frayed that way. As for Earth, I think although she is amazing and all, she isn’t my favourite character because she’s almost too perfect. Well we are soiling her, but she’s too kind… if we raised global temperatures on Luna she would kill us all :joy_cat: Luna is a complex and beautiful character and Earth, Solis and to some extent, Mother Nature is just as we could say, things or events that pass and shape Luna. Luna has a bright future ahead of her, I think as she is more human than goddess. She has human traits that really connect with us in many, resounding ways.

It’s pretty amazing because if Luna was a character or puppet to show Mother Nature the possible mistakes and consequences that could arise from her powers, Luna didn’t have a say in that… she was born, destined, fated to be that way… but she still battled it! She put up a fight, as much as it might seem futile to some. And that, I think is a hero, she was a hero to herself, to justice.

Now I ask you guys… what is your definition of a hero? What does a hero mean to you? Why?




#AnonymousConfessions 618:
I DON’T regret cutting myself. I regret that I am too much of a pussy to do it properly.


#AnonymousConfessions 619:
I’m that gay friend you never wanted




#AnonymousConfessions 620:
I’m that gay friend you never wanted :wink: ps. That was my first time using the winky face… was the context right?
~ Sir Nexus (I saw the #coolkids doing this and becoming a #coolkid is the meaning of my life so count me in, boiiiiiiisss)

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#AnonymousConfessions 621:
I sometimes submit confessions without actually logging into wattpad…gotta take some precautions…
@LaughingMan how do u do it?I mean i read all the confessions some are light funny and witty…but some are dark and are about some serious shit…It needs to be handled carefully cuz real people are dealing with those shit…but what makes it even more harder is that they are anonymous so even if u want to approach them and help them u can’t…
this thread is an aMaZiNg place and i think u r an amazing person who handles this AmAzinGLy! I think the old and new users of this thread are also amazing people…i mean your replies are real and they mean so much to the person confessing them!!
I’d like to thank @InnateEcstasy the other @laughingman12 , @JosefinaFAAD @RyotaFujikawa nd the @chainedinshadow person…and all other users…and the people confessing their hearts out…
LoL this sounds like a speech one gives after winning a grammy or something XD XD XD
p.s. I LoVe PotAtO ChiPs, pineapples,chocolate, icecream,pizza etc…I like food…and sleep…
P.p.s the one who confesses isn’t called the “confessor” but the one who listens to the confessions is called the “confessor”…sometimes it can be interchanged i guess…don’t believe me GOOGLE IT!!!..English sure is weird…
P.p.p.s I know who lives in a pineapple under the sea. XD