Confessions Anonymous!!



How do i do it? The name has “anonymous” in it for some reason ryt? :V Not everything shall be revealed ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Btw I liked your speech XD
Really encouraging and helps me to continue posting confessions XD
And yeah, you don’t need to log out of wattpad to post confessions, Coz that confession link is from a google forum, It has no relation to wattpad :stuck_out_tongue:
So yes, Logging out of wattpad won’t have any effect, that said trust me, it’s 100% anonymous! Many wide scale anonymous research are conducted using these Google forums~



#AnonymousConfessions 622:
I just spent 4+ hours re reading this thread…I’m not kidding people!


Damn boi XD
I do that sometimes with the book version of this thread, easier to directly get the confessions as this thread also has a lot of public chat XD


#AnonymousConfessions 623:
I love period.
said no sane girl Ever!
I cried in the summer of my 5th grade when I got my first period!! I knew that gone were the days of my happy period-free days!!
~~ I get annoyed at boys when I’m on my period! why don’t boys get period too?!(This is a rhetoric question so don’t answer this with stupid logical scientific-y biology-y reasoning or else I’ll whoop ur ass!!) It’s SO UNFAIR !!! **


#AnonymousConfessions 624:
that Periods confession reminded me certain boys of my school used to keep track of my periods and laugh in groups when they know my date came.
it was so annoying that i cried sometimes


hello yes i am in love with the sky and this is a beautiful story that makes me even more in love with the sky ;u;


I can see where you’re coming from. I feel the same way, a lot. That I should be “braver” and just end it all. But it isn’t cowardice that’s keeping you from doing it “properly”. I don’t really know what it is that keeps me here, can’t quite put my finger on it. But you do have more strength than you think. Yes, that does seem like something to scoff at, but you’ve made it this far. Not another day, is something I commonly think, but somehow morning dawns and I’m still alive and still fighting and I know you can too. I don’t know you, but… I believe in you.


Yo @LaughingMan109


“Can I call you some time?”
CinemaSins voice: No.

not a confession and not how I answered, but posting this will make me feel better about this inevitable phone call.


unanonymous confession #18
I hate phone calls.


I agree with you, unless it’s Andy Biersack! Then I’m happy to hear that voice:P yayy


Yo mellissa~
Long time no see :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


#AnonymousConfessions 625:
I help run a book club, I’m editing someone’s book, writing a new chapter for my new book, rewriting chapters from my first book, reading my book club partner’s chapters, tutoring my nephew who has undiagnosed ADHD, haven’t gotten my period in about 5 months(I plan on going to another doctor, hoping to get good results), I’m trying to get a job cause I’m broke, I stubbed my Toe this morning and it’s still bleeding a little, burned myself with my tea, woke with a migraine, I almost forgot I’m judging 15 chapters from four books in a contest and collaborating with a new writer I became friends with to start a new book. Yeah I’m not busy haha…what made you think that?

P.S. I still can’t find my tarot cards…

— EddaLoki


Wow! Thank you so much for including me in the message. I have been through some of the things that people talk about here, and there were times I didn’t have anyone I could share these things with. So I kinda know how it feels to be alone, and I wouldn’t wish that for anyone. I just try to be there in whatever way I can


I liked your preemptive answer “Yea I am not busy…”
I mean, you are so pre occupied!
And yeah, best of luck in finding a new job! :slight_smile:
And an Undiagnosed ADHD? you are saying that after a medical checkup or did you diagnose yourself? since you are an adult it’s probably ADD and not ADHD, but do a medical checkup if you have the doubts.


#AnonymousConfessions 626:
I hate when people get told they’re amazing writers when they really aren’t. I understand encouragement but…no


Tell me about it! I always get my period on some or the other important day and I get horrible cramps and I can’t do anything. I miss out on a lot of shit coz of this


#AnonymousConfessions 627:
so apparently me and the girl i like have almost the same censored? which is actually a bit of a problem because we’re both censored


You should have swung the pad at them. Asses!


I get severe anxiety when I have to call someone for official purposes, or even people that I am not close to. I have to literally rehearse what I’m going to say