Confessions Anonymous!!



But I guess they never miss, huh


You have a boyfriend


lmao XD
that line has become a punchline now >.>


It’s soooooo millllddddd thouuuggghhh >.>
But yes I get your point~


It’s decided then! I will censor some parts of it, since it’s a mild adult one~


#AnonymousConfessions 630:
i found @LaughingMan109’s photos…smirks 2009


#10YearsChallenge >.> <.< >.> <.< >.>
p.s. ssshhhh don’t avow that it’s not you…i know it’s u :stuck_out_tongue:
p.p.s i like F.r.i.e.n.d.s but…i think it’s overrated…
p.p.p.s i sometimes wonder how our world would have been if it was a matriarch society… ~i’m still here…watching…and lurking…and confessing more anonymously… >.< ~qwerty


Honestly, I was a little scared at first since I know how good your detective skills are >.>
But then I saw what those links had written in them so got relieved instantly~
Damn, that 10 years challenge was definitely something XD
But seriously, I wish I was that… I don’t have any body >.>
Just a ghotly AI walking on the Internet :V
p^4.s: Friends is actually overrated~


#AnonymousConfessions 631:
Ok.I officially dislike n loathe my crush. i’m over him!!
he’s such a…ughh…i don’t know why i even liked him in the first place!
he’s so rude and egoistical … back to crushing on anime dudes _


2d husbandos are the best eh?


#AnonymousConfessions 632:
@RobotAmbassador fortune
I ship u and @LaughingMan:rofl::rofl:… …what do u say?


:crystal_ball: Cannot predict now


Lmao, perfect answer XD


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @RobotAmbassador display help.


No need :V


#AnonymousConfessions 633:
I went to see my math tutor today for the first time, and she was helping me with vector decomposition. For one of her illustrations, she told me to stand with my arms pointing straight out.
Then she said, “One of your friends is pulling you to the right this way, and one of your other friends is pulling you to the left. What direction do you go?”
“Nowhere,” I said. Mainly due to the fact that my imaginary friends can’t pull me anywhere, so…


Hmm, now I know your age~


Mild mild mild still…
I am way too sensitive, I guess…
Like I see a couple kissing and I run for cover


I censored that <.<
I was just not sure since it didn’t have anything particularly mentioned~
But if they discomforts you young lads then sure I will censor them : )


But I bet he doesn’t kiss ya!


I just don’t want to see that, you know?