Confessions Anonymous!!



cough cough I’m not THAT young!!! (but thank you!!)




He gonna get another girl


Legit I only know that part from cringey tik toks :rofl:




Oh, lol


I see you don’t stay awake duing your night time anymore >.>


Only sometimes ,^,


i know who ddh is. Her first name is Diane


Same. XD I hate phones, they irritate me lol


I think this person meant to say that their nephew has undiagnosed ADHD. That she hasn’t had her period in 5 months. I feel you gurl.


oh boy! hating someone sucks. I hate people in general lol Sometimes humans piss me off lol


honestly, same


So howz life, and hows your book (fearie kingdom) going on? :V


Hai hai >.>
I realized later <.<


#AnonymousConfessions 634:
I wish people around me are aware that I’m always drained because I’m using all of my energy trying to stay alive.


#AnonymousConfessions 635:
Watching my mother’s suicidal behavior makes me feel useless. I feel like a burden and I regret trying to kill myself infront of her five years ago.


#AnonymousConfessions 636:
I am still terrified and that is why I stay. I wish that I could make it go away.


#AnonymousConfessions 637:
see this is penne pasta!

i knew it was pasta!!!


Well you can think of it that way XD
Which ever interpretation suits you best >.>